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TriStar representatives meet with ITU


In February this year, Star Production SARL, owner of the TriStar event series, was welcomed by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) at ITU’s President’s Office in Madrid.

Representing ITU was President and IOC Member Marisol Casado and Enrique Quesada, Senior Manager of Sport Results for ITU and Chair of ITU’s Technical Committee. Star Production SARL was represented by CEO Georg Hochegger, and COO Olivier Castelli.

The purpose of the meeting was to acknowledge the distances in the TriStar series. Overall, it was felt that the meeting between ITU and Star Production was held in a positive mood for both parties, seeking a professional working relationship in the future with the unified goal to continue to develop triathlon.

While no official agreements have yet been made, according to both Star Production and ITU it was a positive first step in working together to grow the sport of triathlon for all parties including ITU’s affiliated National Federations.

Hochegger also expressed an intent to use ITU Long Distance regulations for TriStar events. Currently, the TriStar series uses a 1K swim, 100K bike and 10K run; and also a 2K swim, 200K bike and 20K run.

Hochegger thanked Casado and the ITU for being open minded into developing the sport and pledged to work closely with ITU.