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Try for free Aquaman wetsuit promo


Testing, testing… the latest promotion from Aquaman wetsuits in Germany has a new twist for triathletes. The company is offering the shipping and a two-week wetsuit trial for free. A deposit of 35% of the wetsuit’s retail value is required however.

Consumers simply visit the online Aquaman store to select a desired wetsuit, then proceed to checkout and enter the coupon code ‘Neotest’. If the suit is not wanted after the two-week test period, it will be refunded if returned in reasonable condition.

Aquaman wetsuits include:

  • The new ART wetsuit using ‘super flexible neoprene’ Yamamoto PRO45
  • The top of the range Cell Gold
  • The mid-range Bionik wetsuit, billed as the ‘feel good suit’
  • The Blitz, using Yamamoto # 39 neoprene for buoyancy strength and flexibility
  • The entry-level Tri-Process for those ‘who are just beginning their triathlon career’

Aquaman was originally founded by Frenchman Xavier Merian. Since 1984, the company has been producing wetsuits specifically for triathlon. Mainly using high-quality Yamamoto neoprene, Aquaman innovations include:

  • Flexible zipper
  • The ‘reverse zipper’ (with the wetsuit opened from bottom to top)
  • Tailoring/cutting on the arms and legs (for a quick change)
  • ‘Blind stitching’ (to protect against rubbing of the skin)
  • Preformed arms, legs and calve panels for a better fit



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