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TYR new 2011 Ironman collection

TYR is now showcasing a new collection of Ironman branded apparel. Bearing the iconic Ironman M-dot trademark, the 2011 IM apparel collection includes a full range of male and female swim, run and bike-wear.

There are currently 24 items in the range, priced between US$32 and US$120:

• Ironman Female 4″ Run Short (US$42.00)
• Ironman Female 6″ Tri Short (US$74.00)
• Ironman Female 8″ Tri Short (US$80.00)
• Ironman Female Cycling Jersey (US$80.00)
• Ironman Female Fitted Tankini (US$74.00)
• Ironman Female Singlet (US$68.00)
• Ironman Female Sleeveless Cycing Jersey (US$76.00)
• Ironman Female Solid Thin Strap Top (US$52.00)
• Ironman Female Thin Strap Reversible 1 pc (US$70.00)
• Ironman Female Thin Strap Reversible 2 pc (US$70.00)
• Ironman Female Trisuit (US$120.00)
• Ironman Male 7″ Running Short (US$42.00)
• Ironman Male 7″ Tri Short (US$74.00)
• Ironman Male 9″ Tri Short (US$80.00)
• Ironman Male Cycling Jersey (US$80.00)
• Ironman Male Racer (US$32.00)
• Ironman Male Running Top (US$40.00)
• Ironman Male Singlet (US$68.00)
• Ironman Male Sleeveless Cycling Jersey (US$76.00)
• Ironman Male Tank (US$70.00)
• Ironman Male Trisuit (US$120.00)
• Ironman Mens Boxer (US$36.00)
• Ironman Mens Jammer (US$40.00)
• Ironman Women’s Shortsleeve Top (US$40.00)



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