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ZumTri goes Live for USAT


ZumTri is teaming up with JayBird to provide live coverage of the 2011 USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship on Saturday, April 9.

During the event – family, friends and fans will be able to go online and track their favourite athletes’ performances, Twitter updates, and watch virtual recaps of the action.

After the event, they will be able to watch and share a personal animation of how the race progressed.

The live coverage is generously provided by JayBird, a leading sports audio brand and the Official Training Headphone Partner of USA Triathlon. The race coincides with JayBird’s release of its new JF3 Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds this month, featuring a shake-proof secure fit and Lifetime Warranty Against Sweat.

JayBird’s brand new viral video can also be viewed on YouTube.

ZumTri works by integrating with the chip timing system to bring a race to life. To interact with the software, users enter the names of triathletes they would like to follow…. Click ‘watch’ and see the race unfold.

The Live software will also include live race Twitter updates published by USA Triathlon or others on the ground at the event.

For more information on the event and links to the ZumTri virtual race coverage visit the USAT event page.

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