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Bia secures crowd funding on Kickstarter


Bia, the new female-specific GPS sports watch, has successfully raised its funding goal on popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The Bia project on Kickstarter managed to crowd fund US$400,000 to help bring the uniquely designed female-specific training device to market.

As Bia pointed out ahead of raising necessary funds via Kickstarter, ‘We need to hit our funding goal by July 13th. If we are even $1 short, you won’t be billed for your pledge, but we also won’t get any funding. This means we will not be able to get Bia to market. Ever. Plus, as a backer, you can be first to get Bia on your wrist!’

Developed by Bia Sport Inc for the 45 US million women classified as avid athletes, the sleek, stylish and streamlined Bia device combines traditional GPS-enabled training metrics such as distance, pace and duration with cutting edge design, race-day tracking and safety features.

The Bia product also had support from bloggers at the Huffington Post, with the panic button feature on the watch singled out as a much-needed feature for female sport enthusiasts.

As the company noted earlier this year, ‘only masculine design options are available in the marketplace.’ Next steps for Bia are to bring the uniquely designed training device to market…