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Campagnolo buzzing about new triathlon and TT project


A year after the unveiling of 2012 mechanical components for triathlon and time trial, and just six months after the launch of its EPS electronic shifting technology, Campagnolo now presents a range of new components for triathlon and timed cycling competitions.

As Campy points out, ‘the number of triathlon and time trial enthusiasts grows daily, and Campagnolo – the world leader in technological innovation – has developed a comprehensive range of specialized products to cater to their every need.’

The company notes that, since the presentation of EPS in Sicily, the demand for bar-end EPS controls and EPS brake controls has grown steadily stronger.

Campagnolo has responded to this market demand, drastically cutting development times to launch two TT electro-shifting solutions – just six months since the arrival of the Super Record 11s and Record 11s electronic systems.

This has been a project that has challenged the resources of the Campagnolo R&D division, and was only possible through continuous collaboration with the world’s top triathletes and time trial specialists. The results of this work are bar-end controls and brake controls delivering aerodynamics, ergonomics, speed and precision.

But this project did not stop at creating new controls for Campagnolo’s EPS electronic drivetrains. The new Bora Ultra and Bullet Ultra streamlined cranksets complete the range of products dedicated to time trials and triathlons. As Campy notes, ‘these are more than just aerodynamic cranksets, but perfect machines optimized in every single detail, as even a hundredth of a second can be crucial in these disciplines.’

Through advanced simulation software, wind tunnel testing, exclusive technologies – such as the manufacturing process for unidirectional carbon fibre, CULT and USB technologies – and the use of titanium, the Campagnolo Research and Development division ‘has once again created a project that sets a bold new benchmark for enthusiasts of the Ironman race and for the many different classes of triathlon and time trial events.’

Bar-end EPS controls

  • Back to zero position: lever automatically returns to zero position
  • Multi-shifting system: ability to shift up or down uninterruptedly by up to 11 sprockets
  • Multi-Dome Tech: provides a tactile click feeling and minimizes shifting mistakes; with 5 aluminum dome-shaped layers stacked on top of one another, this technology minimizes the possibility of unintentionally shifting the rear or front derailleur
  • Switch mode button: the ‘mode’ buttons allow the user to check battery charge, make fine adjustments to the rear or front derailleur – even while riding (with the ‘ride setting’ procedure), and set the zero position of the rear and front derailleur (‘zero setting’ procedure)
  • 100% waterproof: all control components are built to operate in any weather conditions in compliance with the IP67 standard

EPS brake lever shift controls

  • Aerodynamic shape: for lowest coefficient of drag
  • Ergonomic lever profile: maximum safety and adjustable braking system
  • Quick release system: eases installation and removal of the wheels, opening the distance between rim and brake pads
  • Separation of shift buttons: minimizes the risk of shifting mistakes in-keeping with Campagnolo’s philosophy of ’One lever-One action’

Bar-end EPS interface

  • RGB LED glows in different colours to communicate system status to the user
  • Manages the setting procedures
  • Receives impulses from the controls and translates into digital signals that are in-turn transferred to the DTI Power Unit
  • Maintains a dialogue with the DTI Power Unit
  • Dual cable wiring: for simultaneous controls of EPS Bar-end shifters and EPS Brake lever shift controls

Bullet Ultra crankset

  • Streamlined cranks in unidirectional carbon fibre: makes for a light and stiff crankset that maximizes power transfer to the road ‘with unparalleled aerodynamics’
  • Full carbon fibre spider: the unique shape of the chainring mount is specifically designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency while also increasing the overall stiffness of the crankset
  • XPSS: exclusive design of the eight up-shift zones and two down-shift zones of the chainring; the specific profile of the teeth and the zones dedicated to upward and downward chain movement enables fast and precise shifting in all conditions
  • Power-Torque bottom bracket: system with single axle designed to maximize stiffness and power transfer
  • USB Technology: USB ceramic ball bearings reduce friction, ‘guaranteeing maximum smoothness and resistance to corrosion and wear; they maintain consistent performance over time’
  • Chainrings available: 34/50 – 36/52 – 39/53
  • Lengths available: 170 – 172.5 – 175

Bora Ultra crankset

  • XPSS: exclusive design of the eight up-shift zones and two down-shift zones of the chainring
  • Titanium axle and titanium screws with left-handed thread: reduce the overall weight of the crankset by 40g
  • Ultra-Hollow Technology hollow cranks and spider: reduces weight – increases stiffness and maximizes weight to stiffness ratio
  • Ultra-Torque bottom bracket: power to the pedals is transferred efficiently without any power loss
  • CULT Technology: the combination of ‘the best ceramic ball bearings available on the market and special Cronitect steel’; the bearings are lubricated with only a light oil, increasing the smoothness of the crank, with resistance to corrosion for improved longevity
  • Chainrings available: 39/53 – 42/54 – 42/55
  • Lengths available: 170 – 172.5 – 175