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Challenge Family and Chris McCormack in long term partnership


Multiple triathlon world champion, and a contender at this coming weekend’s Ironman World Championship, Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack, has announced ‘a ten-year partnership with the new defining force in triathlon, the Challenge Family.’

The partnership will see McCormack acting both as an ambassador for the long distance triathlon race series and becoming an integral part of the Challenge Family’s development as it ‘enters its most significant growth phase in the history of the organisation.’

The family-owned Challenge series has grown from the iconic Challenge Roth – which McCormack won four times from 2004 to 2007 – to feature 12 long distance races and triathlon festivals over three continents. Challenge Roth itself is now the world’s largest long distance triathlon with over 5,000 competitors.

Following on from its long awaited entry into the North American market with Challenge Penticton this August, Challenge Family will look to expand its presence in Europe, North America and Australasia over the next 12 months as well as well introduce new markets to the Challenge race experience.

Macca and TriStar
Macca’s alliance with the Challenge Family may present a challenge to his relationship with another international triathlon event series – TriStar. Since 2010, the Australian triathlete has had a partnership with TriStar. At the time of writing, Macca was listed as a TriStar ambassador on the TriStar website and as a ‘Director Global Sports Development’ and board member for TriStar series owner Star Events.

Further details of the significant partnership with Challenge Family will be released over the next few months, including McCormack’s post-Kona race schedule.

The Challenge Family partnership with McCormack will play a key role in the development of the Challenge race series as ‘Macca the athlete and Macca the brand become integrally linked with Challenge to deliver a new standard in long-distance triathlon.’

According to a release from Challenge Family, ‘the partnership was born out of a mutual desire to deliver a powerful legacy for the sport that returned the focus to the athletes, delivering a premium race experience at every level with a commitment to building the sport from the grass roots up as well as establishing sustainable relationships at the pro athlete level.’

“I’m excited about this next phase in my career,” said McCormack. “I love what Challenge do, I love their DNA and core values which exactly echo my hopes for the future of the sport. My vision is to grow Challenge and the Macca brand in line with the things we hold valuable in this sport.

“Embracing its history, the lifestyle and the people who participate, family involvement and activity, health and the desire to play and have fun in multisport; I intend to hold true to our focus on quality and persistence and staying true to our vision.”

Challenge Family CEO, Felix Walchshöfer, said he was delighted both personally and professionally to build on a partnership with McCormack that started 10 years ago at Challenge Roth. “Macca first raced with us in Roth in that unforgettable year (2003) that saw him racing to the wire with Lothar Leder.

“He didn’t win that race but he came back and won the next four! During that time I got to know him, not just as an incredible athlete but also as an outstanding ambassador for our sport. To have him as a true member of the Challenge Family, doing so many of our races and helping the brand grow in new and emerging markets is a massive step forward for the Challenge Family as a whole.”

Walchshöfer continued,“Challenge Family races are renowned for their unique race experiences and strong support of the athletes, whether a pro or first time age grouper. We invest literally and emotionally in being an integral part of the athletes’ journey, from the time they make the decision to race with us to the time we personally welcome them across the finish line.

“With his unrivalled passion and dedication to the sport, Macca will add a new dimension to this journey for all Challenge athletes and we very much look forward to having him as part of the team.”

Getting social
As well as racing at a number of Challenge Family events, McCormack will also play a high profile role through Challenge Family’s social media channels providing Challenge athletes with the opportunity to communicate with him directly, learning race specific tips, training advice and tricks of the trade.

Macca will also sit on two key Challenge advisory boards dedicated to ensuring a premium athlete race experience as well as take part in events with meet-and-greet gatherings at the expos and welcoming athletes across the finish line.




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