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Fit to Bonk!


Triathlon enthusiasts now boast a lifestyle fashion label all of their own. UK based Bonk is a unique grass roots clothing brand for those who like to swim, bike and run; and is the first fashion label aimed at those who participate in the sport of triathlon.

Bonk’s 2012-13 collection features a range of high quality, fitted t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and accessories in custom weaves, dyes and cuts, with a variety of slogans including the Bonk mantra, ‘Live To Train’.

34 year old Charlie Evans, triathlete & co-founder of Bonk said “Triathlon is arguably the ultimate sporting challenge, a test of skill, strength, stamina and mental fortitude all of which contributes to a tribal element within the sport. It is a sport which requires such dedication and application that it makes sense to have a brand people can wear to identify themselves as triathletes.”

Now widely recognised as one of the fastest growing sports in the world, Bonk notes that triathlon participation numbers have doubled in the UK since 2005 and grown by 51% in the US since 2007, a trend which is mirrored all over the world. As the company notes, there has not however – until Bonk – been a lifestyle brand dedicated to the sport.

When triathletes ‘bonk’, it’s clearly not necessarily what the rest of the world means by the term! Instead it describes a condition when glycogen stores are so depleted that it results in a major performance drop. The term is largely used as a verb – to bonk halfway through the race – much like hitting the wall has gained common parlance from the running community.

Bonk has also teamed up with a host of top triathlon coaches who provide articles for a dedicated Training section within the new Bonk website, supported also by a team of brand ambassadors who blog about their experiences in the sport.

Music and video areas can also be found on the Bonk website, enhancing training and adding an extra dimension to what is a fresh and innovative take on the sport of triathlon.

As Evans adds, “Wearing Bonk will be a reflection of who you are and what you do. It is a dedicated triathlon label with clothes designed by triathletes for triathletes. Put simply, Bonk is triathlon lifestyle.”

Evans’ business partner is Hugh Clow, who successfully co-launched ski label Planks in 2007 (now with its own dedicated shop in Val D’Isere). The Bonk clothing range will benefit from the same production setup, one that is tried and tested and has been instrumental in the rapid growth and success of Planks Clothing.

Bonk’s range can be purchased online at bonktriathlon.com and through a growing number of UK and overseas retailers with expansion plans now under way for international distribution.