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Louis Garneau squeezes out new energy gel line


Louis Garneau, billed across the cycling industry via its tagline ‘the cycling solution’, has today launched a new product line – Garneau Nutrition. Six flavours of LG Gel energy gel will hit the market as the debut of this product line with an electrolyte sports drink and more nutritional products to follow in the near future.

LG Gel is made with natural ingredients and an optimum blend of complex carbohydrates, electrolytes and antioxidants to help meet the nutritional demands of athletes during racing and training.

Foremost, LG Gel ‘tastes great’ and is available in six flavours, including Citrus, Concord Grape-Apple, Goji-Blueberry, Strawberry-Dragonfruit, Tropical Fruit and Wildberry Pomegranate. Unlike many other energy gels, LG Energy Gel contains real fruit juice to give it a clean, simple and natural taste with no chemical, bitter, or harsh after-taste.

During intense workouts, taste is intensified; therefore, the flavours have been specially formulated to appeal to athletes of all abilities. In addition, the consistency of the gel makes it easy to swallow with or without water and allows for easy digestion.

Louis Garneau states that it has perfected the packaging after two years in development (patent pending). The packaging is designed for a quick, no-struggle opening on the bike or during the run with a hole-punched tab for fingers to grip. The gel control spout allows the user to control the flow to the mouth and eliminates mess.

The gel can be opened while in motion and the opening easily dispenses either directly to the mouth or in a water bottle. The hole-punched tab will also be integrated to other products currently in development including bags and accessories.

“During my cycling career, nutrition always played a vital role in my success. As a cycling company, we work with athletes on a daily basis and therefore, had the desire to provide them with products essential for their training and racing. The launch of LG Energy will allow us to continue to be the cycling solution,” said company founder and President, Louis Garneau.

Each gel packet is a serving size of 41g and contains 100 calories with 25g of complex carbohydrates for quick absorption and increased long-term energy output and just 4g of simple sugars ‘that make it easy to digest’. Two key electrolytes (sodium and potassium) assist in rehydration and replenish electrolytes lost from perspiration.

LG Gel contains no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and delivers antioxidant vitamins C & E, which help reduce muscle soreness and aid in recovery. Two flavours, Citrus and Tropical Fruit, are caffeinated. Citrus has 50mg of caffeine or roughly the equivalent of a single shot of espresso and Tropical Fruit has 25mg of caffeine.

LG Gel will initially be available throughout bike stores in both the United States and Canada. LG Energy will be marketed as part of Louis Garneau’s Cycling Solution – and part of everything needed for the cyclist.