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PacificHealth Labs sponsors Portman online nutrition calculator


PacificHealth Laboratories Inc, the leading sports nutrition company that produces the Accelerade, Endurox and Accel Gel brands, is sponsoring a new online calculator, www.portmancalculator.com, that promises to create the perfect nutrition plan for everyone, from beginning exercisers to Ironman triathletes.

Developed by a leading sports nutrition expert, Dr Robert Portman, the Nutrition Calculator is a billed as ‘a tool to close the gap between the scientifically proven fluid and nutrition needs of men and women during exercise and their actual practices.’

According to Portman, a well-known exercise science researcher and co-author of three books, research has shown that consuming the right amounts of fluid and nutrition during exercise can have a major impact on athletic performance. In spite of the data, athletes in all sports and at all levels have found it a challenge to create an appropriate personal nutrition plan.

When insufficient fluid and nutrition is consumed, muscle fatigue occurs. When too much fluid or nutrition is consumed, GI (gastrointestinal) distress can result. Based on the latest studies involving energy expenditure and fluid and nutrition absorption during exercise, the newly launched Portman Nutrition Calculator gives athletes a valuable tool to help them design a plan specific to their individual needs.

Dr Portman said, “The Nutrition Calculator makes it simple. All the athlete has to do is put in their activity intensity, their workout or race time and their weight, and the Calculator does the rest. The Calculator provides a customized analysis of their energy expenditure as well as a fluid and nutrition plan based on the information provided by the athlete.”

Dave Scott, six-time winner of the Ironman World Championship said, “Nutrition is the fourth discipline in triathlon. You have to get your nutrition right to achieve your goals in the sport, and many athletes find this difficult. The Portman Calculator makes proper fueling for triathlon or any sport easier than it’s ever been.”

Jeff Galloway, former Olympian and author noted, “The Portman Calculator is an extremely valuable tool for runners of every level, as well as for people who exercise in other ways. I will encourage all of the runners I work with to rely on it.”

Fred Duffner, President and CEO of PacificHealth Laboratories said, “PHLI is committed to developing advanced products and training tools to help athletes at all levels to achieve their full potential. Now for the first time athletes have an easy to use tool that when combined with our products can do just that.”

The Portman Nutrition Calculator is free and is found at www.portmancalculator.com. It includes 79 different exercise activities and is designed for a wide range of exercise levels – from those individuals beginning an exercise program through to elite athletes.