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PowerBar and Active launch sports nutrition and event preparation tool PowerBar Trainer


PowerBar and Active.com, the media property of Active Network Inc, have launched PowerBar Trainer, a custom sports nutrition and event preparation resource centre. The new program is designed to support each stage of an athlete’s physical and mental approach to event training and competition. In tandem with this new resource announcement, PowerBar has confirmed that it will serve as the official sports nutrition supplier to more than 500 top US grassroots endurance events in 2012.

Athletes can visit the PowerBar Trainer website to download free training plans and receive a corresponding tailoured online dashboard system complete with event-specific goals, customized training tools and nutrition tips. Athletes will have the option of logging and tracking important training milestones and sharing updates with their community of supporters directly from the dashboard via Facebook and Twitter.

Athletes may choose from 12 different free training guides that provide comprehensive plans and insights for a range of endurance sport disciplines and event distances. The plans are valued at approximately US$20-45 each based on similar Active Trainer plans, and include a 10K; half-marathon; marathon; century ride; sprint; Olympic and Ironman triathlon; and strength training.

In addition to the robust online resources, athletes utilizing PowerBar Trainer will also receive exclusive promotional offers and dedicated emails with training tips and motivational support leading up to race day.

“Both companies are uniquely qualified to provide athletes with this type of support, as Active.com hosts and serves the web’s largest endurance sport community, while PowerBar provides endurance athletes with a range of products and tools to help fuel optimum performance,” said Kristin Carroll, Vice President of Corporate and Consumer Marketing at Active Network.

Carroll added, “The creation of this resource centre is another step toward our goal to make the athlete’s journey easier and encourage them to aspire toward conquering new racing distances in a responsible, healthy way.”

Active.com was instrumental in identifying and connecting PowerBar with over 500 grassroots US endurance events to help strengthen the connection with its core audience of athletes. Together, the companies will collaborate at these events to provide official on-course sports nutrition products and on-site support.

Active.com and PowerBar will also enlist a team of Nutrition & Training reps this year to host essential pre-race training and nutrition clinics throughout the US as athletes set their sights on race day.

“Today’s endurance athletes – from newbies to pros – push their boundaries every day that they train and compete, and our goals include supporting them along every important step of their overall journey,” said Frank Jimenez, Global Business Head for PowerBar.

“With Active.com’s leading role in the endurance sports community, they are the perfect partner to help us directly support each milestone – from the moment an athlete identifies a specific event goal, to the intense training and through the post-race high fives and recovery process.”