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Triathlon Live hits UK for London 2012 Olympics


‘Triathlon Live’ is rolling out across the UK at eight locations during this summer’s London 2012 Olympic Games. The live hubs will allow fans and novices alike the ‘next best experience to competing in the triathlon at the London 2012 Olympic Games’, as well as the opportunity to cheer on their national teams via the big screens at each location.

Triathlon Live will appear in eight major UK cities during the triathlon events of the London 2012 Olympic Games from Saturday 4 August to Tuesday 7 August. Triathlon Live will run for the entire duration of the Games at ‘Triathlon HQ’ in Hyde Park at BT London Live.

Triathlon Live will feature big screens and ‘Give it a Tri’ event spaces, offering community triathlon events and broadcasts of the events on the giant screens at each of the following locations:

  • Bristol – Millennium Square – 4-7 August
  • Cardiff – The Hayes – 4-7 August
  • Coventry – Millennium Place – 4-7 August
  • Edinburgh – Festival Square – 4-7 August
  • Leeds – Millennium Square – 4-7 August
  • Leicester – Humberstone Gate – 4-7 August
  • London Hyde Park – BT London Live – 28 July – 12 August
  • Manchester – Exchange Square – 4-7 August

Olympic fans will be able to challenge themselves in a cutting edge Endless Pool and test their abilities against a simulated current that is suitable to swimmers of all abilities. Next they’ll bike and run on state-of-the-art equipment while taking in the Olympic action live on the big screens.

Marisol Casado, ITU President and IOC member, said “We’re delighted to be bringing Triathlon Live to each of these eight UK cities, to help engage the people of Great Britain in our exciting sport. It’s a new and exciting concept that’s in line with our young, fresh and dynamic sport, and we hope that people from all over the world will come to join in the action in Hyde Park and the other UK cities.”

For more information about Triathlon Live around the UK, tri fans can visit www.triathlon.org/olympics/live_sites/ or follow ITU on its main social media channel @ituonline and join the conversation at #triathlon and www.facebook.com/ITUtri.

During the Triathlon Live experience there will be categories for men, women, mixed teams and children, all vying to be top of the leaderboard.

  • Each team is comprised of three athletes – a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner.
  • The competition begins with the swimmer, cyclist and runner all starting at the same time.
  • The current in the Endless Pool is increased every 30 seconds.
  • The competition ends when five minutes is reached or when the swimmer can no longer swim against the current and touches the back wall of the pool.
  • The final score of the team is then computed by combining with the distances covered on the bike and the run.