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Zone3 launches Advance wetsuit at under £100


Zone3, the British triathlon wetsuit brand, has today unveiled a new addition to its popular wetsuit range – the Advance. Available for both men and women, the Advance is positioned as the first performance wetsuit for under £100 on the UK market.

According to the company, the wetsuit, with its affordable price-tag, enjoys all the benefits of a higher-end wetsuit, not scrimping on performance, comfort or looks. It is billed as the perfect wetsuit for novices or those not wanting to spend too much, but still keen to get the most out of their swimming.

The Advance, with an RRP of £99, is based on the design of other wetsuits in the Zone3 range. Subtle changes to the material and thickness of the suit have enabled the cost to be kept down.

2012 is a momentous year for the UK and with an elite triathlete, James Lock, at the helm of Zone3, the company is keen to make triathlon and open water swimming more accessible to all. The company offers a complete range of wetsuit, across a broad pricing spectrum, from the world’s most exclusive – the MMXII – to one of the world’s most affordable performance wetsuits – the Advance.

The Advance wetsuit, predominantly aimed at those new to the sport, comes with flexibility around the shoulders and arms for a comfortable and energy-efficient swim. It also has a ‘core support system’ built-in, which gives extra buoyancy on the torso and thighs to help maintain streamlined swimming and to increase efficiency.

The thickness of 2mm around the shoulders and underarms, 3mm on the chest and upper back and 4mm on the torso, legs and side panels claim to give a great balance and natural feeling swim. In addition, 70% of the wetsuit uses Zone3’s ‘SpeedFlo’ coating, which minimises drag through the water, increasing speed and improving durability. The remaining 30% is made from a fully rubberised smooth skin neoprene.

The wetsuit also comes complete with the Zone3 trademark Pro-Speed Cuffs on the lower legs and a high quality YKK downwards zipper to help increase speed of removal; another area novice triathletes need to get to grips with during swim-to-bike transition. The Advance is fully stitched and glue bonded – helping to increase flexibility and comfort.

James Lock, founder of Zone3 said, “Wetsuits are usually one of the more expensive purchases triathletes and open water swimmers make for their sport. The swim sets your race up; and struggling with cheaper wetsuits can have a negative effect on the rest of your race. However, novice or not, some do not want to spend the money on top of the range wetsuits, but nor do they want to end up with something that is sluggish, inflexible and hinders their performance.

“The Zone3 Advance is the perfect balance between price and quality. We’ve worked hard to ensure the Advance contains all the features required for an enjoyable swim; from flexibility to buoyancy to being able to get it off quickly. And looking the part is just as important.”

The Advance wetsuit is also available to hire via the Zone3 website. Athletes can hire the wetsuit for varying periods, from one week to the whole season – with an option to buy at the end of the hire period.

The Zone3 Advance wetsuit is available from 21 May 2012.