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Accell Group enters exclusive discussions to acquire Raleigh


Accell Group NV, which owns brands such as recently acquired Van Nicholas, alongside Koga and Lapierre amongst others, has a new announcement today. The company has confirmed that, on the basis of a heads of agreement, it is engaged in exclusive discussions with Raleigh Cycle Limited and its shareholders, which, if successfully concluded, could lead to the acquisition of Raleigh by Accell Group.

Raleigh has been active in the bicycle market for 125 years. It operates through production and distribution companies in the UK, US and Canada along with worldwide licensing activities and a sourcing arm in Taiwan. Raleigh’s best known brands are Raleigh, Avenir and Diamondback.

Raleigh has approximately 430 employees. It realised sales of over US$260 million and sold approximately 850,000 bicycles in 2011.

As the latest release from Accell Group states, the company ‘will make further announcements if and when appropriate.’

Accell Group is active internationally in the mid-range and higher segments of the market for bicycles, bicycle parts & accessories and fitness equipment. The group claims market leadership in the European bicycle market.