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China’s Falco Bikes targets the discerning rider


Falco, a new brand of carbon and titanium road bikes is aiming to differentiate itself from the masses. As the company points out…

For over a decade now, China and Taiwan have been the home of the manufacturing of higher end bikes, although western design, QC and marketing have pretty much dominated the industry. While the Taiwanese guys are often seen as good executors with limited marketing prowess, Mainland China has often been associated with poor quality, little QC, rampant IP infringement, knock-offs and ‘soul-less’ sweatshop manufacturing.

While there is still some truth to that, we are seeing many changes in this country, and one of them which we believe that Falco represents, is the desire and capacity to independently design, engineer and fabricate innovative and state of the art bicycles.





Falco is currently exhibiting at Interbike Booth #39082.