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EventsOnline.ca primed for US expansion following US$4 million investment


EventsOnline.ca, the leading Canadian online event registration company, has confirmed that San Diego based La Jolla Holding Co is making a strategic minority investment valued at over $4 million. The investment is designed to accelerate the company’s expansion in the US and support the roll-out of ‘key technologies in EventsOnline.ca’s new beta systems.’

Founded in 1999 by John Litherland of Wolf Info Systems and Marc Roy of Sportstats.ca, EventsOnline.ca services organizers of sporting events along with club, charity, association and federation administrators. It claims to be Canada’s leading participatory sport registration firm and has expanded its services to the US, as well as into non-sport sectors. Based in Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, EventsOnline.ca currently employs a bilingual team of 28 Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia employees.

“EventsOnline.ca is the highest quality, customizable and most user friendly option in the market place,” said Mitch Thrower, Chairman of La Jolla Holding Co, (co-founder of Active.com, The Active Network Inc) and the CEO of The BUMP Network & BUMP.com.

Thrower was also the former owner and Chairman of Triathlete Magazine, the world’s largest triathlon magazine. He added, “The leader in the Canadian marketplace, aided by our strategic investment, I’m confident, will rapidly propel the company’s expansion in both the United States and internationally.”

The investment will also allow EventsOnline.ca to expand other facets of its business, which include custom charity systems, transaction systems and ‘the industry’s fastest and most customised race bib printing’ offering at www.BibNumbers.com.

EventsOnline.ca founder Marc Roy said “We’ve become a premium service provider, which is why races like the Honolulu Marathon, ranked amongst the top five in the world (celebrating its 40th anniversary this year), have selected us to power their online registration and data management.”

EventsOnline.ca CEO Stephen Partridge added “This deal represents more than just funding to help grow and expand our business. It represents a huge validation, from an industry visionary, that we’ve done things right.”

EventsOnline.ca was one of the first providers of online transactions for the sports industry in North America. Over the last four years the company’s innovative services have made it the online registration choice for some of the world’s largest events. The leader in the Canadian marketplace, providing SAAS based registration and data management services to the majority of the marathon events in Canada, EventsOnline’s global client roster includes the Ottawa Race Weekend with 42,000 participants.

Internationally, EventsOnline.ca services several key events with registration and printing services, and has also provided technical and graphics services to the Ironman World Championships for more than four years.

“We’ve re-built this business over the past four years and just moved into our new offices with this next step in mind. I am thrilled to be working with Mitch and the team of La Jolla Holding Co, and the timing could not be better to help shake up the industry,” noted Partridge.