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FLEXR Sports Remote Bike Hydration Kit


FLEXR Sports, maker of the eco-friendly sports bottle, with a disposable and fully biodegradable liner, has unveiled the FLEXR Sports Remote Bike Hydration Kit, which aims to set a new standard for hydration among cyclists and triathletes.

The FLEXR Sports Remote Bike Hydration Kit has several unique components and key benefits for cyclists needing maximum hydration during their rides:

  • The patented bite valve enables the athlete to drink without removing the FLEXR Sports bottle from the cage mount; a flexible straw ensures maximum fluid flow
  • FLEXR Sports offers the only BPA-free sports bottle with a multi-use disposable and fully biodegradable liner that eliminates harmful bacteria or unpleasant aftertaste and keeps the bottle as clean and fresh as on ‘day one’ for years to come
  • The Remote Bike Hydration Kit also allows set up for up to three bottles; one bottle can be filled with water, and energy drinks and mixes can be stored in the other bottles
  • FLEXR’s unique quick disconnect system allows triathletes and cyclists to quickly swap out bottles or switch from a front bottle on the down tube to the rear bottles without stopping
  • Affordable: 21 oz. single kit retails for US$34.95, two-bottle kits retail for only US$69.95. The bottles can be used off the bike with the standard cap that is included for conventional bottle use

FLEXR Sports athlete Mark Goldstein, an avid cyclist and triathlete said, “Recycling is very important to my family. We recycle everything that we can to be great stewards of the environment. I was sickened of the way regular plastic bottles became nasty and no longer something I wanted to drink out of.

“I have been using these bottles for cycling and running for nearly two years now. The new quick disconnect and rear two bottle remote kit are fantastic and completing long unsupported rides are much simpler with FLEXR Sports.”

Rachel Zambrano, a FLEXR Sports team rider added, “Nutrition is often the most complicated parts of racing. FLEXR Sports made it pretty simple for me. With two of the remote bike kits, I never have to come out of aero when I’m racing. I refilled my FLEXR bottles at the special needs stop, which took less than a minute, and was off again to finish Ironman Texas.”

The FLEXR Sports Remote Bike Hydration Kit is available in four options: a 21 oz bottle; a 28 oz bottle; a kit with two 21 oz bottles in the rear of the bike; and a full kit that includes three 21 oz bottles.

The Rear Twin 21oz Remote Bike Hydration Kit retails for US$69.95 and includes two 21 oz FLEXR bottles with 6 liners, two new caps, poly tubing, ‘Y’ connector with quick disconnect couplers at the bottles, and re-useable zip tie connectors for easy maintenance.

FLEXR Sports bottles and accessories can be purchased at www.flexrsports.com.

FLEXR Sports provides environmentally friendly, sports hydration products and accessories. Additionally, FLEXR Sports donates 5% of all sales to charities in the fields of health and environmentalism.

FLEXR Sports supported charities include: The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, National Military Family Association,The Nature Conservancy, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Team In Training and the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.