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FOOTbrake: new foldable footwear for cyclists

A new range of foldable footwear called FOOTbrake is now rolling out and will be on display at this year’s Interbike show. FOOTbrake is essentially ‘uniquely designed foldable footwear about the size of a mobile phone.’ For cyclists out on weekend excursions, the brand’s developers note that ‘clip on shoes are not built for time outs along the road.’

The new foldable flip-flop shoes easily fit into the back pocket of a cycling jersey and are designed to give a rider’s feet a break during a rest stop.

The new product release from FOOTbrake helps explain the background to the idea…

Why FOOTbrake? Group of great friends spending time in Napa Valley, CA… After a bike ride into St. Helena, Jill, Marjie and friends decided to enjoy the scenic lookouts, great food and wine tastings. They didn’t want to deal with the discomfort of walking in clip-on bike shoes, so they purchased some clunky foam slide shoes to explore the town. This beautiful day created a new business venture and FOOTbrake was born — a light weight fold up shoe that could fit in a biker’s jersey pocket.

Why do we bike? Living in New Albany, the friendships and camaraderie sparked a passion to join in the fitness craze and give back to many charity causes.

FOOTbrake is uniquely designed foldable footwear about the size of a mobile phone. For the serious biker out on weekend excursions, the clunky clip on footgear is not built for time outs along the road. Now, bikers can park their bikes, shed their clip-on shoes and slip on the FOOTbrakes to give their feet a much needed brake.

As the product line developed, they began to think of skiers and their own trips to the slopes. Those brakes at the lodge could be so much more enjoyable if skiers could take the weight off their feet and park their ski boots. FOOTbrake shoes make walking easy, protect socks from ski lodge puddles and fit easily in the pocket of your ski jacket. Walk in comfort and keep your wool socks dry, while you rest your feet and refuel in the cozy lodge.

Founders Marjie Hancock and Jill Beckett-Hill live in New Albany, Ohio, and often join their husbands on many bike outings. Both are busy raising sons 13-year-old sons and 11-year-old daughters.

Marjie Hancock, grew up in Chatham, New Jersey. Prior to having children, she held sales positions in New York City for Kodak and AT&T, as well as helping organize events for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Jill Beckett-Hill, grew up in Findlay, Ohio. She currently sells real estate after a career in retail sales and merchandising at Abercrombie & Fitch. She is highly involved in giving back to her community.

FOOTbrake’s suggested retail price is US$24.99. The foldable shoes are available in two different styles: Flip Flop for the biker and a shoe version for the skier. Multisport enthusiasts can find the products online at footbrake.net. Special orders for charity events are welcomed, with a portion of the proceeds going toward the cause.