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H2O Overdrive stands up to be counted with solar powered SUP fiesta!


Adding several new events, the H2O Overdrive SUP Cup Series has expanded to become the H2O Overdrive Summer Series, which is positioned as an exciting weekend packed with summer sport competition and sizzling parties, taking place on 27-29 July.

Set high in Utah’s scenic mountains, the H2O Overdrive Summer Series is smack-dab in the middle of Utah’s backcountry playground. To ensure minimal eco-impact this year, sports drink brand H2O Overdrive has teamed up with the experts in ‘clean, off-the-grid adventuring’, Goal Zero. Innovators in portable solar power, Goal Zero is powering the entire weekend with 100% solar energy, ‘keeping things pristine for decades of exciting events to come.’

“The entire weekend event will be teaming with spectators, competitors and media, all hoping to rub shoulders with world-renowned competitors,” said Randy Olshen, co-founder of Innovative Health Solutions, the maker of H2O Overdrive and H2O Overdrive HYDRATE. “Everyone is gonna want to get a piece of the adrenaline-pumping action and off-the-hook parties.”

“Solar power is just the beginning of our expansion,” said Olshen. “This year we’re adding a kids race, a full-contact kayak event, a vivacious fashion show and a whitewater team race that has never been seen or done before.”

American Hitmen will kick off the festivities on Friday with a live rock concert at the New Park Resort and Hotel. The weekend continues on Saturday at the Jordanelle Reservoir, with energizing kids, amateur and elite stand up paddleboard races sponsored by Watermans Applied Science, experts in sun protection. Jordanelle’s sandy shores will feature an expo area, ‘packed with the latest and greatest in the industry.’

Saturday night will feature a catered dinner, party and wild fashion show DJ’ed by popular local radio personality and DJ, Jimmy Chunga.

The action moves to the Weber River on Sunday for the second year running of the acclaimed SUP Cross race, a gripping stand up paddleboard sprint around buoys, navigating through river rapids and over Taggart Falls.

“One of the new events, the 8-ball Kayak, is guaranteed to please,” said Dan Gavere, world-class paddler and H2O Overdrive athlete ambassador. “Spectators and participants will have a blast as kayakers battle to the finish, paddling around brutal opponents whose sole purpose is to stop their progress – even if that means flipping them over.”

In addition to full-contact kayaking, C4 Waterman, the official sponsor for the river events, is sponsoring a first-ever, stand up paddleboard team race down the rapids on C4 Waterman Supsquatch stand up paddleboards, measuring a colossal 16 feet long.

“It’ll be a riot,” said Gavere. “This event is something that the H2O Overdrive team and I have been planning and looking forward to all year. Our goal is to rocket the H2O Overdrive Summer Series into an international event, attracting the world’s best athletes. We want you to come back year after year, always wondering and guessing at what we’ll come up with next.”