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iLeads app leads the way at DealerCamp

This year at DealerCamp – taking place at Deer Valley Resort, Park City, Utah on 24-26 July 2012 – exhibitors will have another tool in their customer relations tool box. Using a free smartphone app coupled with cloud based software, participating brands will have device-based lead retrieval at their fingertips. There will be no additional cost for the app, as fees will be met by DealerCamp organizer Lifeboat Events.

“DealerCamp exhibitors will be able to capture conversations and visits anywhere, anytime during their stay at camp,” said Lance Camisasca, President of Lifeboat Events. “Additionally, the ability to add action items and notes to leads, run real-time lead analysis reports, and follow up instantly by tapping attendee’s telephone and email address makes this a real enhancement to their participation.”

Camisasca added, “We are working continuously to add value and productivity to exhibiting time at DealerCamp. We felt that, with so much time on the handlebars and away from laptops and notepads, we could help everyone maximize their expo time with this simple and effective tool.

“It’s backed up and synched on a secure website, and it’s all right there when you need it. Everyone’s follow ups will be more accurate and complete. I know lots of shows offer this sort of thing for a charge, but as an up-sell it loses value. This is a DealerCamp investment in our customers and we think it’s critical.”

The iLeads app and software will be available to all 2012 exhibitors at DealerCamp.