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Live race data access from Datasport


Datasport – a leading international race timing and sports service provider – has expanded its offering with a new milestone in its timekeeping services. With its new Datasport Live technology, race data can be accessed from start to finish. As the company notes, all it takes is a mobile device and Internet access:

  • Live Monitor (the current time of all measuring points)
  • Database search (by name, by location, by team, by rank, by category)
  • Spectators can save and track their favourites
  • Dynamic start lists, and continually updated lists of results

No app is required to access the live data. Visitors simply log in at datasport.com, where the company is now offering the new live features on the majority of events in its race calendar.

Datasport’s race timing and event services are used across Europe for a range of popular and mass sporting events in the areas of running, mountain biking, triathlon/duathlon, cycling, walking, cross country skiing and alpine skiing.

The company serves over 300 events each year and is a service provider responsible for data management, subscriber management, payment collection, timing, results services, speaker and information systems and information dissemination.

Earlier this year telecom services specialist Swisscom acquired Datasport, helping to expand the footprint for Swisscom services at major endurance and multisport events.

Datasport, based in Gerlafingen, Switzerland, was founded in 1983 and now employs 21 full-time and 67 part-time employees. Following the acquisition by Swisscom, it will continue to operate as an independent company and brand.