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New 2013 range from endurance Junkie embraces the tri lifestyle


endurance Junkie, the Belgium based maker of triathlon race suits and apparel, has released its 2013 apparel range. The new launch formally begins with the pre-order of an updated Logo T-Shirt and a brand new Hoodie.

“We have responded to the request of our core clients to start expanding our product range,” said Peter Brees, founder and Managing Director at endurance Junkie. “Since founding [in February 2010], the brand has been focusing on developing performance race gear, but we now feel the time is right to add a couple of new products to the existing range.”

The release of the 2013 casual range will be followed by the first products in a new training apparel range. This will include a warm merino-based winter bike jersey and a lighter short-sleeved bike jersey for summer riding. The 2013 triathlon race gear range is being updated and will include a sleeveless version of the successful Hot Ice Tri Suit.

“We have been listening to the suggestions and special request submitted by our clients and we encourage them to continue to do so in the future, ” Brees added. “The feedback we receive from them is simply priceless and fundamental to the growth of the brand.”




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