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New Huub SwimSkin SKN-1


Up-and-coming wetsuit and apparel specialist Huub Design has introduced SKN-1, the first swimskin from the UK brand.

With one of the world’s greatest long course triathlon events just around the corner (i.e. the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawai’i), Huub felt there was no better time to introduce the results of the past 10 months of the company’s research and testing.

Huub believes that the SKN-1 is the greatest tool to aid a triathlete’s potential in a non-wetsuit swim. Researching the suit began with what was needed as opposed to what already existed…

Working with Huub Toussaint from The Netherlands and Swimsmooth in Perth, Australia – Huub identified the key areas of benefit to be had from a swimskin. At the same time Huub’s parallel development of its first FINA approved swimwear saw many cross overs. These showed benefit for movement through water by:

  • Compression of the body shape to reduce frontal drag
  • Re-distribution of body mass to change the body’s centre of buoyancy
  • Smooth profile surface and water resistant fabrics to reduce water to suit friction
  • Fabric to body streamlining

Huub achieved this ‘By working with one of the world’s leading manufacturers. We found a way that kept construction simple while delivering the body alignment support and compression needed. We worked with the finest Italian fabric, placing panels in specific locations that replicated the already proven X-O Skeleton of our wetsuit.’

As Huub notes, fabric rotated through 180 degrees offers differing performance characteristics on the body. By maximising the fabric ‘Warp and Weft’ (for key compressive zones) this allowed Huub to maintain freedom for stroke action while aiding the body to track in a straight line and thus reduce stroke cross-over.

Reducing water flow over the body was considered not only with the suit’s construction but also the areas where suit transitions to skin. Welded seams of water resistant Warp Knit fabric give the SKN-1 a smooth and fast surface.

By removing tight leg grippers and extending the width of leg hems, Huub was also able to reduce the ‘tourniquet bulge effect’, keeping water-flow smooth and uninterrupted.

Available in male and female versions the new Huub Design SKN-1 is available in very limited production pre 2013. Available stock would be organised for immediate despatch.