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Relaj sports bottle: ‘tip the bottle, not your head’


After more than 4 years in development, Relaj Inc has introduced the new Relaj Water Bottle. Unveiled at Interbike in 2011, the new Relaj bottle has been completely redesigned.

The Relaj is a high performance sports water bottle designed to make hydrating while cycling safer and more aerodynamic. Although the company notes that users across all sports, as well as in office environments, can experience its benefits.

Tip the bottle, not your head
Key to the bottle’s innovation is its ‘tip the bottle, not your head’ design. To achieve this, Relaj has replaced the bulky shape of traditional bottles (barrel shaped body, wide flat top/cap, stubby centre spout) with a distinctively tapered body and twist-top cap combination with a flexible spout.

This design enables cyclists to easily tip the bottle up and away from their face so they can drink the last drops of liquid without lifting their head or blocking their view. Cyclists can thus hydrate in an optimum, aerodynamic position while keeping eyes safely focused on the road ahead.

Relaj bottle on bike

The Relaj is ergonomically designed, conforming to the rider’s hand for increased comfort and performance. Its slip-resistant, recessed grips and tapered waste make it easier to hold, control and squeeze – another important safety factor when a cyclist needs to quickly grab the handlebars to avoid a problem – and the bottle easily slides into and out of most cages. Runners can enjoy its ergonomic benefits too, as the design reportedly reduces forearm muscle fatigue when carrying the bottle over long distances.

Its sleek, yet simple design gives the Relaj a much appreciated aesthetic benefit; while its LeakLock Valve prevents accidental spills and splashes.

The Relaj opens at both ends for easy filling and cleaning. It is completely dishwasher safe, BPA Free, and its LeakLock Valve is removable, making the inner spout accessible for a more thorough cleaning. Each bottle comes with a removable, re-freezable Ice Stick to keep liquids cooler longer and only displaces 1.5 ounces. The bottle’s total capacity is approximately 23.9 ounces (707ml), without Ice Stick.

Relaj bottles being tested

Pricing and availability
Relaj is currently working to build a base of specialty bike and other retail partners across North America, and the bottle can be purchased at the company website: www.Relaj.com. (Currently, the website can only accommodate US sales). The MSRP is US$19.99.





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