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Girl power apparel in the pipeline as Xena chooses Huub


Having only recently scooped an endorsement deal with the Brownlee brothers, wetsuit and apparel specialist Huub has lined up a sponsor partnership with Caroline ‘Xena’ Steffen – with the teamTBB member, and one of the most successful female athletes in triathlon, becoming the latest member of the Huub family.

Huub notes that Caroline joining its family of global athletes is not so about endorsement, but more about forging a partnership to create a unique and category defining product… specifically for the female athlete.

Huub argues that it is the first company to completely define a female wetsuit in its own right. As the company points out, ‘It’s so much more than female fit and curves, our lab and testing research proves this.’

Huub’s own Aegis and Aura have been created from the ground up around the female body type, muscle density and common denominator swim style. One gap that has been established is the high-end female suit; this is where a partnership with Caroline Steffen makes a lot of sense for the growing band of female triathletes and open water swimmers…. The new product set to hit tri shelves is aptly entitled the ‘aXena’.


Caroline Xena Steffen chooses Huub 2


Caroline ‘Xena’ Steffen is a member of teamTBB, the world’s most successful triathlon team. Partnering with her on the aXena wetsuit further helps Huub increase its international footprint, especially in half and full distance tri events.

Owner and founder of Huub, Dean Jackson, said “I have worked with Caroline previously; she left a permanent marker for how professional athletes should present themselves on and off course… The consummate professional and one of the nicest people I have ever met in this sport.

“For Huub as a company this is where our heart lies; great people having a great time, in a truly great sport, and of course with what we would refer to as the greatest products. Second to this, Caroline (or should I get used to calling her Xena) has proven herself to be one of the greatest female triathletes in the sport, and has certainly left herself a page in the triathlon book of fame.”

Jackson continued, “She reflects the determination it takes to make yourself a better athlete through dedication, hard work and the willingness to accept the knowledge and experience of those around her. Very similar to Huub as a company.”


Caroline Xena Steffen chooses Huub 3


Caroline, who proudly carries proudly the tri pseudonym of Xena, is keen to put her name to a product that ‘befits the stronger bike and run athlete, a product that reflects the very best in materials and swim technology, and that has already been seen in the male focused Archimedes wetsuit.’ The aptly named aXena wetsuit will deliver all that Caroline ‘Xena’ Steffen has asked Huub to build into the suit.

Caroline said “Finding a sponsor and partner is never easy, especially when like me, you want a specific product to meet your athletic needs, and a company who understands the sport and what it takes to succeed as an elite athlete.

“Huub reached out to me in support well beyond the typical ‘contract and signature’. They have worked closely to create a product that is unique and exclusive in its thinking, whilst leaving the door open for the collective feedback of myself, other female athletes and industry specialists to further develop ‘female specific’ products.”


Caroline Xena Steffen chooses Huub 4


Huub was founded in 2011 as a result of wanting to bring a new and proven product to market for differing types of swimmers and triathletes. Based and proud to be in the Midlands city of Derby, UK, the company offers its products in different buoyancies – recognising different swim types and styles.

The company is supported in its research efforts by Huub Toussaint, who is regarded as one of the world’s leading professors of human movement through water, and leading international swim coaching specialist SwimSmooth.

SwimSmooth and its Swim Types study and coaching regime is based around how athletes swim and their body type. [The Swim Types microsite – www.swimtypes.com – identifies the six fundamental styles that triathletes and swimmers use to swim freestyle. Once the type has been identified, the Swim Type system gives tailored and targeted advice to improve an individual’s stroke.]

Huub notes that it is this combination of practical and scientific research that makes its products so unique.

Huub currently supports athletes of all levels – elites, juniors and Paralympian hopefuls alike – from the Brownlee brothers to the Huub East Midlands development Squad. Next on its radar is the burgeoning female endurance athlete category…




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