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New partnerships for SilverLine Athletics help to change the face of video strategy and sponsor engagement


SilverLine Athletics, the premier digital media activation platform for the endurance sports industry, has unveiled its current roster of running and triathlon partner companies.

Selected for their industry leadership and shared vision of digital media’s expanding role, the following brands are leveraging SilverLine’s proprietary video technology to fully integrate digital media and grow their businesses:

  • Marine Corps Marathon;
  • Dicks Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon;
  • Pikes Peak Marathon;
  • Tri California;
  • LA Tri Club;
  • HUUB;
  • The Race Club; and
  • DelMoSports.

Additionally, SilverLine is investing in the growth of the industry by providing complementary services to two leading endurance trade organizations – Running USA and Triathlon Business International.

“Sponsorship has evolved,” said Jayme Ann Goldberg, co-founder, SilverLine Athletics. “Video and digital media are now essential tools to sell slots and activate sponsorships. As the leader in digital activation, it was important for SilverLine to select established running and triathlon industry leaders who have demonstrated creativity and innovation in growing their businesses.

“SilverLine is helping our partners use video to better market their products and events and increase sponsor revenue while providing engaging and relevant content for their customers.”

SilverLine notes the rapid evolution of sponsorship in the world of endurance sports, and that most brands investing in sponsorships are demanding video as a part of their activation. According to IEG and Performance Research, 88% of companies used digital social media as a channel for leveraging sponsorships (eMarketer, July 2013).

Video continues to lead this digital revolution as the number of videos viewed in one month jumped from nine billion to almost 40 billion earlier this year (comScore, April 2013).

“Two-thirds of all of the data traffic on the Internet every day is video and brands continue to increase their budgets for digital advertising buys year after year,” added Holden Comeau, co-founder, SilverLine Athletics.

“By integrating SilverLine technology into their existing networks, social media and website, managers and sponsors of endurance events can stay focused on doing what they do best and let SilverLine relieve the technical challenge, learning curve and high cost associated with digital video management.”

Founded in 2012, SilverLine Athletics is positioned as a first-of-its-kind digital media platform that focuses exclusively on increasing revenue through video technology for endurance sports. This digital activation platform enables endurance sports events, product manufacturers, retailers and content providers to benefit from the rapid and continued advances in digital media technology.

Through a simple-to-use solution for video hosting, publishing, asset management and analytics, SilverLine provides a platform to monetize video assets for event managers, targeted digital activation opportunities for sponsors, and a forum for engaging and relevant content for athletes.


SilverLine Athletics video platform


Earlier this year, SilverLine produced a white paper that offered up its seven rules of digital video management.

SilverLine starts by noting that across the world, businesses of every kind recognize that a targeted, actively managed online video strategy can drive success. With video viewing trends only set to grow, the challenge is ensuring that digital video is managed effectively.

>>> Download white paper – SilverLine – 7 rules of digital video management for endurance sports




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