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Presidential… sweet… TITANS European Triathlon League gets Head of State backing in Croatia


On 9 June 2013, the first of the TITANS European Triathlon League races will take place in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, and its surroundings. The event organisers are also proud to confirm that Dr Ivo Josipovic, President of the Republic of Croatia, has committed to become a special sponsor and patron of the TITANS European Triathlon League Zagreb race. This is understood to be the first time that a Head of the State has got behind a triathlon event in this way.

Titans European Triathlon League - Dr Ivo Josipovic, President of the Republic of Croatia

In addition to backing from the President of Croatia, the event’s supporters also include: the Croatian National Tourist Board, City of Zagreb, Zagreb Tourist Board, Croatian Ministry of Tourism, Faculty of Kinesiology – Zagreb, and the nearby city of Samobor.

The event organisers note that, while there are numerous beautiful landscapes and enchanting cities across Europe, many people find that Croatia is a special jewel in terms of its natural and cultural diversity.

The Croatian capital of Zagreb is located in the continental part of the country, beneath Medvednica Mountain, and its contemporary city limits encompass an expanse of plain next to the shores of the Sava River.

Titans European Triathlon League - Ban Jelacic Square - Peter Kurschner

Considering that the expected goal for the event competitors is to experience the full richness of the particular geographic location and its surroundings, the organisers have designed routes that include some of the most interesting areas of the city and the surrounding area.

The TITANS European Triathlon League Zagreb race is designed for 1,500 competitors and includes a 2K swim, a 90K bicycle ride and a 21K run.

The course takes competitors through attractive Zagreb locations, such as Jarun lake, historic Gornji and Donji Grad, and all the way to the nearby picturesque city of Samobor – and back. After the Zagreb race, the organisers note that other races in other European cities will follow. Here, competitors can collect points in order to qualify for the final stage of the competition.

Further details on other races in the TITANS European Triathlon League will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Titans European Triathlon League - Cathedral - Goran Vranic

The organisers said, ‘We already know that there will be a lot of competitors from Croatia joining the competition for the first time and we believe our triathlon will fulfill their expectations. At the same time, we organized this race with the needs of the most demanding professionals in mind and we have prepared an abundance of prizes and other rewards!

‘We are truly proud that we can show off the best that our city has to offer in the first year of this competition and we are hopeful that all competitors and visitors will remember this for years to come.’




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