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EnduroPacks joins HITS Endurance as Official Training Nutrition Partner


HITS Endurance, which produces both the HITS Triathlon Series and HITS Running Festivals, has confirmed its recent partnership with EnduroPacks, producer of sports nutrition for endurance athletes.

“We are excited to be a part of HITS Endurance triathlon and running events nationwide,” said EnduroPacks Co-Founder Craig Philkill. “Like HITS, we believe there is an event and ‘a distance for everyone!’ and would like to help promote endurance sports to participants of all levels and abilities.”

As part of this new partnership, EnduroPacks will be present at HITS Endurance events – both HITS Triathlon Series and HITS Running Festivals – beginning with the HITS Multi-Sport event expo in Austin, Texas on Saturday 14 December.

“Not only do we want to produce the best races for our participants, but we want them to become the best endurance athletes they can be, which led us to partner with EnduroPacks,” said HITS Endurance Race Director Mark H Wilson.

Beginning at HITS Austin, HITS Endurance athletes, will receive a special discount on their order from EnduroPacks.

Essential sports nutrition is vital during endurance training to maintain health, reduce soreness and promote recovery, so athletes can get back out there and train more effectively. EnduroPacks delivers sports nutrition every month, free of charge, to an athlete’s door.

EnduroPacks notes that between equipment and training plans, the process of getting involved with endurance sports can be overwhelming for some athletes. EnduroPacks provides endurance athletes with their essential sports nutrition in ‘the latest, most effective and most convenient formats.’

HITS recently announced its new umbrella company, HITS Endurance, which will organize all HITS Triathlon Series, as well as HITS Running Festivals. HITS Running Festivals will host its third event of the season on 14 December in Austin, Texas, at the famed Circuit of the Americas. Helping to bridge the multisport and running communities together, the forthcoming running event in Austin will also incorporate a duathlon.

HITS Inc is a special events management company primarily focused on producing endurance sports events and hunter/jumper horse shows. Based in upstate New York in the village of Saugerties, HITS is dedicated to creating ‘high-quality events in desirable destinations with unmatched, professional operations’.




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