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GU Energy ‘Challenge for Kids’ charity campaign has new target of US$100,000

This June, in conjunction with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), GU Energy created the ‘Challenge For Kids’ campaign in order to fill a critical need for children suffering from any limb-loss malady – from traumatic amputations, to disease-state complications to congenital effects.

The initiative, which included the creation of a special edition of GU’s premium Roctane line, initially sought to fund US$50,000 to purchase prosthetic limbs for children who hope to regain active mobility.

GU Energy is proud to announce that it has surpassed that goal. It is now extending the campaign in an effort to reach a new target of US$100,000.

GU is extending production of the special-edition Roctane Passionfruit flavour – and directs all profits from it to the Challenge For Kids fund, so any purchase of the gel aids the effort directly. Additionally, athletes can access an online portal – Challengedathletes.org/GU – that allows anyone to donate to the cause, whether or not they buy Passionfruit Roctane. People can also choose to donate directly to any athlete’s Challenge For Kids campaign.

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Virginia Tinley, Executive Director of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, said, “GU stepped up and was centrally responsible for creating the Challenge For Kids initiative, and the results have surpassed what we could have hoped for. And now, to double their commitment just demonstrates the extent of their resolve and support of CAF. We’re very proud to partner with them.”

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To order the limited edition Passionfruit flavour and direct all profits to the campaign, athletes can simply order online or visit their local retailer. Passionfruit Roctane is on sale now at the GU Energy website and at retail locations at a cost of US$20.00 per box of eight gels.

GU Energy’s first products were developed in 1993 in Berkeley, California. The company’s GU, Roctane, Chomps and Brew products are designed to provide athletes with scientifically-based, performance-tested nutrition. To this day, GU remains ‘the market share leader by a margin of more than 2 to 1, and is still the premium gel available to endurance athletes.’




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