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Head-turning Falco V flies like a bird!


Sporting a Tron-style paint scheme, the sci-fi look and feel of the new Falco V certainly makes the bike a head-turner. Hailing from China, the company believes it has developed ‘the fastest TT bike on the market today.’

After a claimed 1700 hours of R&D, the Falco V TT/triathlon bike is estimated save the rider ‘approximately 40 watts over a typical TT bike on the market today, and which translates into approximately 75 – 115 seconds saved in a 40km time trial.’

Falco cites the following features for the new Falco V:

  • Not bound by UCI rules (‘coz they only slow you down!’)
  • Extensive CFD simulation analysis
  • Shared R&D facility as the military – used for designing jet fighters
  • Joint effort from four international universities
  • NACA 6-series based airfoil system similar to those found on F22s and F15s
  • Total integrated hydration system
  • Absence of seat cluster, seat stays and most of the seat tube – (‘ya can’t have drag where there is nothing!’)
  • Unrivalled adjustability, comfort and ergonomics

In developing the bike, Falco obtained valuable assistance from Nanjing Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; the University of Tennessee at Knoxville; China University of Science and Technology; and Nanjing University.


Falco launches new TT bike, the Falco V


Falco launches new TT bike, the Falco V - side view


Following a debut of its road bikes in 2012, Falco was recently on show at Interbike 2013. A company spokesperson summed up, “A lot of folks are still going through self-denial, but I have literally heard ‘this is the coolest bike at the show’ more than 40 times at Interbike this year.”


Falco launches new TT bike, the Falco V - at Interbike


Designed and hand-crafted in China, Falco is a relatively new brand of carbon and titanium road bikes that is aiming to differentiate itself from the masses.

As the company points out…

For over a decade now, China and Taiwan have been the home of the manufacturing of higher end bikes, although western design, QC and marketing have pretty much dominated the industry. While the Taiwanese guys are often seen as good executors with limited marketing prowess, Mainland China has often been associated with poor quality, little QC, rampant IP infringement, knock-offs and ‘soul-less’ sweatshop manufacturing.

While there is still some truth to that, we are seeing many changes in this country, and one of them which we believe that Falco represents, is the desire and capacity to independently design, engineer and fabricate innovative and state of the art bicycles.




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