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Infinit Nutrition launches retail line based on its Osmo-Fit System

Infinit Nutrition, a customized nutrition company, has launched an exclusive retail line available in specialist retail stores across the US. Infinit Nutrition is a worldwide leader in customized nutrition for individualized athletes, and after six years in the making, Infinit has formulated semi-customized nutrition mixes that have the patented Osmo-Fit Osmolality that Infinit Nutrition is famous for.

The Osmo-fit system ensures the nutrition solution will be equal to the osmolality of what naturally occurs in the human body, and it will be showcased in nine retail product lines.

“We have had a lot of demand for a retail line, but we knew the formula had to be perfected before we put our name on it,” said Michael Folan, founder and CEO of Infinit Nutrition. “It has been six years in the making, and we are proud of our hard efforts to get the Osmo-fit technology incorporated into specialty retail.”

The specialty retail product line will include Speed, Go Far, Jet Fuel, Isis, Isis Endurance, Napalm, Repair, Nocturne and Mud. Infinit Nutrition is working on the specialty retail distribution alongside Tradewind Sports Marketing Group, a San Diego company that works with exclusive brands in the endurance market.

Currently, the Infinit Nutrition retail line is available in Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, California, Coastal Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and the Northeast and Mountain regions.

Speed is designed for shorter, explosive efforts under three hours in duration. It has a higher percentage of Infinit Nutrition’s Glucose for energy with long chain glucose polymers and medium electrolytes to eliminate any stomach distress during anaerobic efforts.

Jet Fuel is the same formula as Speed with the addition of 125mg of pharmaceutical grade caffeine for fast absorption rates. It is designed for athletes who participate in hard-effort races such as Criterium races and Cyclo-cross races, while also being highly useful for the last hour of a hard effort such as an Ironman or marathon to give an athlete a kick of energy to finish the race.

Go Far is designed for longer, aerobic efforts over three hours in duration. It combines ultra pure whey protein isolate for endurance and higher calories for maximum distance. It is formulated for endurance athletes who want to go all day on one formula alone.

Isis and Isis Endurance are specifically formulated for the female athlete. Built from the same formulas as Speed and Go Far, Isis and Isis Endurance provide fewer calories and lighter flavors. Isis is specifically designed for sub three hour racing and training and Isis Endurance is designed for three hours and over.

Napalm is an all-natural crystalline gel that is designed for long run training and racing. The gel is built for a gel flask, which eliminates waste and is not as thick as other gels for simple digestion. The blend of four different carbohydrate sources enables an athlete’s body to process calories 30% more efficiently than other gels on the market.

Repair is custom formulated specifically to replenish muscle glycogen levels, and repair damaged muscle tissues. The combination of three proteins and four different carbohydrate sources are used for the most effective recovery product available.

Nocturne is designed to improve rest and aid in nighttime recovery. It is the only all-natural night time recovery formula that combines tryptophan (a natural amino acid that has been proven to increase serotonin and melatonin) and protein for rest and repair.

Mud is an all-natural meal replacement for pre-workout or pre-race. It is the perfect high-octane brew of natural chocolate flavor, whey protein isolate, carbohydrates and flax that is blended with coffee.




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