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It’s a result as ChronoTrack acquires Athlinks!


Race solutions provider ChronoTrack has confirmed its acquisition of Athlinks, ‘the largest online results database’, with over 100 million individual race results. The acquisition of Athlinks is expected to ‘accelerate the delivery of results management and data driven solutions’ for the benefit race directors across the endurance sport spectrum. According to ChronoTrack, it should also deepen the race results experience and engagement for athletes.

“The focus on athletes’ results is always on accuracy and more recently the demand for real-time race services around that data, but we also realize the tremendous value in a historical results clearinghouse that serves the entire industry – both race directors and athletes,” said Dave Remick, CEO of ChronoTrack.

“We look forward to creating new athlete services and helping race directors manage their races with products like corralling tools, race series management, interactive results solutions and more.”

Athlinks provides its registered athletes with their complete race history, an ability to connect and share with peers, and access to the largest source of race data available to track and compare the performances of other competitors.

Race directors can also leverage Athlinks to manage their own race results in an engaging way. “The engagement and competition around the Reebok Spartan Race series has significantly increased through our partnership with Athlinks, “ said Joe Desena, Founder of the Spartan Race Series. “Their series management solutions not only increases engagement but also increases repeat registration from participants.”

With the acquisition of Athlinks, ChronoTrack is extending the scope of services available to race directors through the company’s network of 200+ timing partners. This, as well as the 2012 introduction of ChronoTrack Live, a consolidated platform providing registration and race management solutions as well as real-time race services, will deepen the company’s commitment to providing a broad set of race solutions.

“We look forward to working through ChronoTrack’s timing partners as well as continuing to work directly with the endurance industry,” noted Troy Busot, Founder and CEO of Athlinks.

ChronoTrack is a trusted provider of race solutions for race organizers and the company’s timing partners. ChronoTrack’s solutions time ‘25 of the 30 largest races in the US’ and the company has a network of over 200 timers in 35+ countries.

In September 2012, ChronoTrack launched ChronoTrack Live, billed as ‘the next generation race platform providing race management and live race services.’ Combined with ChronoTrack’s hardware and certified partner network, ChronoTrack provides a comprehensive set of race services.

The comprehenshive Athlinks endurance results database was started in 2005, and has grown to over 100 million individual race results, adding over two million results to the database each month from several thousand endurance races.




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