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SmartTV app for ITU World Triathlon Series


The International Triathlon Union (ITU) has released a Smart TV app for live broadcasts of the ITU World Triathlon Series (ITU WTS) via ITU’s online TV portal, triathlon.org/tv. The app was released in time for the ITU World Triathlon Madrid event, which took place on 1-2 June.

“As the popularity of triathlon grows, we are continually sourcing new opportunities to bring the sport to the public,” said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. “The Smart TV app now allows fans to conveniently watch the highly entertaining live World Triathlon Series broadcasts on their Smart televisions for an enhanced viewing experience.”

Smart TVs converge online properties with traditional television programming through interactive media and on-demand streaming. The integrated approach gives viewers the opportunity to combine all digital entertainment in one location.

The app is provided as an additional service to subscribers of triathlon.org/tv, simplifying the process of accessing the live and on-demand streaming video of all ITU WTS events on Smart TVs. In addition to the live broadcasts, triathlon.org/tv also offers 14 magazine shows, which feature race highlights, athlete interviews and behind-the-scenes action from both the ITU WTS and World Cup events.

The triathlon.org/tv app was created by NetRange, a global provider of brand-independent Smart TV portal solutions as well as ‘the world’s most successful service provider for the development of Smart TV applications.’

The app will be made available on Samsung devices and all Smart TVs or set-top boxes with a NetRange portal, such as Loewe, Sharp, IKEA, Thomson, or HD+ / SES Astra, in 69 countries across Europe and the Americas.

“We are very confident triathlon.org/tv subscribers will find the app a huge benefit to their viewing experience,” said NetRange CEO, Jan Wendt. “Triathlon fans can now quickly access the broadcasts both live and as video on demand via a streamlined and simplified experience that eliminates traditional internet browsers.”





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