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Testing, testing… SiS steps up tests for banned substances with HFL


Since 1992, Science in Sport (SiS) has supplied Olympic and World champions, Tour de France winners and serious amateur athletes. The company is now working with sports nutrition testing and certification specialist HFL on its new and evolved certification programme. This goes even further to minimize this risk of banned substances in finished products.

SiS notes that it is the first brand manufacturer to be using HFL’s new three-pronged testing approach.

“We know how vitally important this area of sports nutrition is,” said Stephen Moon, Chief Executive of SiS. “It’s something we’ve already had a rigorous approach to, but we are striving for even better to ensure that we continue to lead the way in this area. When you’re dealing with athletes’ livelihoods and reputations, there isn’t any room for error.”

HFL is the testing laboratory that handles banned substance testing for the Informed- Sport programme. SiS has been working with HFL for more than 6 years, performing testing on a wide range of finished products and raw materials.

SiS manufactures its products in the UK and the company’s Innovation Centre in Lancashire is an accredited Informed-Sport site. Following an extensive review of the Informed-Sport registration and acceptance criteria (approved by the Informed-Sport panel), an evolved certification programme has been introduced to complement the existing product registration programme.

SiS has been working closely with HFL and is an early adopter of this new and even more rigorous approach.

The Informed-Sport website is a way for both professional and amateur athletes to check that a brand has testing procedures in place, and that the testing laboratory has approved the manufacturing conditions and processes.

The acceptance criteria of the revised programme is targeted towards companies such as Science in Sport, an own brand manufacturer with no third party production interests.


130627_SiS Innovation Centre 2


Three steps to testing heaven
There are three key principles to the evolved testing scheme. Firstly, every single batch of incoming raw ingredients will have a classified risk level and be tested by the HFL laboratory.

Secondly, HFL will test SiS finished products. Initially, this analysis will focus on product registration (the same process employed for the standard Informed-Sport programme). Once registered, each product will then be tested four times per year with samples being sourced from retail outlets. This ensures that products are reflective of those purchased by SiS consumers.

Lastly, there will be two production site audits a year. These are short notice or unannounced audits where HFL is able to turn up and take swab samples from around the site to check the facility is compliant and to ensure the raw materials sampling procedures are being adhered to.

Informed Sport badge of honour
Based on the extensive testing of all raw materials and a wide range of finished products, combined with the multiple site audits, this will allow SiS products to carry the Informed-Sport logo, the mark of an assured product.

“To the best of my knowledge, we are the first brand manufacturer to be using this three-pronged approach of raw material testing, product testing and manufacturing line swabbing,” added Moon. “We apply this across our whole range, so it doesn’t just apply to a small selection of our manufactured products.”

“It’s great that SiS are looking to further their Informed-Sport certification with product registration,” said Paul Brown from HFL. “This emphasises their commitment towards quality sports supplements.”

SiS is a leading player in endurance nutrition for professional and serious sports participants. The SiS range includes award winning patented SiS GO Isotonic gels (‘the world’s first gels to deliver fast energy without the need for water’); powders, bars and supplements.


130627_SiS Innovation Centre 3


The SiS hydration products, including SiS GO Hydro and SiS GO Electrolyte, have been designed for elite athletes undertaking strenuous exercise requiring electrolytes, to fit in with their training and race schedules. The SiS REGO range is dedicated to recover, rebuild and support the body’s adaptation to training.

The efficacy of the products and the credibility of the science behind the R&D process has given SiS unprecedented usage amongst elite athletes. SiS is official sports nutrition supplier to Rapha Condor JLT, Blanco ProCycling, Madison Genesis, Pro Team Astana and Team Katusha; and official Supplier of Sports Drinks and Sports Nutrition to the GB Rowing Teams.

In addition to Sir Chris Hoy, SiS has GB Triathlete, Helen Jenkins, and Olympic and World Champion cyclist Rebecca Romero MBE as official brand ambassadors.

In 2005, SiS was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category.

SiS (Science in Sport) Limited was purchased by Provexis plc in June 2011.




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