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Triathlete Europe team puts best foot forward with RunNow.eu


Competitor Media UK, the publisher of Triathlete Europe Magazine and triathlete-europe.com, has today announced the launch of Runnow.eu, which is billed as an all-inclusive online resource for runners of all abilities.

Featuring up-to-date running news and training & nutrition tips from top running experts, the latest gear and exclusive athlete content, ‘Runnow.eu will be an engaging, educational and interactive destination for European runners.’

“We have responded to feedback from the endurance community and running industry to produce a running website that will mirror the outstanding success of triathleteeurope.com,” said Jim Peskett, Managing Director of Competitor Media UK.

“Running is one of the fastest growing participation sports in the world and the RunNow.eu will fill an increasingly large need in the industry. Our goal is to provide a unique resource to this rapidly expanding audience.”

Runnow.eu will provide runners with comprehensive content online, reaching a group of highly-educated and highly-motivated consumers who are passionately involved in running and the active lifestyle. As noted by Competitor Media, this audience engages with health, fitness and training on a daily basis. They encourage and motivate the communities they are involved in to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

“The content provided by RunNow is a vital part of supporting endurance athletes who decide to enter our Rock ‘n’ Roll and SheRuns series of events across Europe, and are hungry for training information and race coverage,” said Tom Godfrey, General Manager of Competitor Group Europe.

A specific Women’s Running tab has been created on the site to serve a ever-expanding community of female runners. Events catering and dedicated to the female audience are seen as a rapidly growing segment of the endurance industry, ‘fuelled largely by an influx of female participants seeking personal fulfilment with every stride taken in a 5K race or marathon.’

“This community continues to explode in size and evolve in its preferences, and the Women’s Running section leads the charge in empowering these women to run more and lead healthy and active lifestyles,” added Peskett. “In doing so, we capture the attention of eager female consumers in a way that mainstream women’s fitness magazines and co-ed sports verticals cannot.”




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