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A message from Huub that contains almost no information at all…


The team at UK wetsuit company Huub has issued a cheeky release ahead of today’s Commonwealth Games triathlon events in Glasgow. Alluding to the restrictions placed on wetsuit branding at the Games, the company states…

We’d really love to tell you who’s choosing Huub in a major triathlon event in Scotland today – but apparently, we’re not allowed to.
We’d also really love to tell you all about the little elements of aesthetic tailoring we’ve incorporated so that some of our athletes can illustrate their patriotism and their roots – but apparently, we can’t do that either.

So pretty much all we can say is we’re delighted, honoured and proud to be associated with no less than three full teams and 10 individual athletes who’ll be competing somewhere north of Hadrian’s Wall today.

We can add the fact that we’ve adapted our ground breaking bicep release panels to make special concessions in design specifically for today and that our Archimedes suits are fully modelled and available to see at www.huubdesign.com.

But as we’re not allowed to tell you anything of real interest, we’re grateful you’ve read this far and look forward to your visit to our comprehensive website or your visit to this link here for more imagery and information.

Meanwhile we’d like to extend a good luck message to anyone competing in Scotland today. Whoever you are.

Huub logo

Having recently inked a deal with Spanish champion triathlete Eneko Llanos, Huub wetsuits are also worn by such sporting stars as Olympic London 2012 medallists Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee, Richard Varga (fastest swimmer in ITU triathlon), Clayton Fettel (Australian long course star), Frederik Van Lierde (Ironman world champion), Helen Jenkins, Caroline Steffen, Cat Morrison, Richard Murray, Henri Schoemen and Wian Sullwald.




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