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American Bicycle Group expands bike rental activity with acquisition of Tri-Cycle Bicycle Rentals


American Bicycle Group (ABG), the parent company of Litespeed and Quintana Roo Bicycles (QR), has announced the acquisition of Tri-Cycle Bicycle Rentals, effective immediately. The companies have worked together in the past to provide QR bikes at triathlon events in the North East US.

The acquisition coincides with ABG’s plan to increase physical and brand presence with an expanded rental program, particularly focusing on Quintana Roo, at Ironman events across North American in 2014.

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“One of the things that makes Quintana Roo so unique in the triathlon world is our commitment to attend so many events throughout the season,” said Mac McEneaney, Director of North American Sales and Marketing.

“Over the past five years we’ve been to hundreds of events in support of both pro athletes and age-group customers. Bringing Tri-Cycle Rentals into the fold at this time will help provide the additional runway for new strategic relationships with race organizers and the triathlon business community, too.”

ABG will look to service all existing contractual Tri-Cycle rental reservations for the 2014 season at the newly launched rental site, RentQR.com.

“As a sport, triathlon is evolving,” said Peter Hurley, CEO of American Bicycle Group. “Our long-term goal is to simplify an athlete’s logistics and offer a QR-branded experience that extends our brand reach and message. Athletes have come to rely on our support team at these events and integrating Tri-Cycle customers with our reservation system at RentQR.com will help to jump start the connection to our brand and bike line-up that much earlier in the process.”

ABG notes that there will be no interruption of service for Tri-Cycle customers. Any athlete who has already completed a rental reservation for races this season through Tri-Cycle Rentals will be contacted by the QR support team to confirm all details. Athletes interested in reserving a bike for the upcoming season can visit www.RentQR.com for more details.

American Bicycle Group is the parent company of Litespeed and Quintana Roo bicycle brands. Founded in 1986, Litespeed produces elite carbon and titanium road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes. The Litespeed factory is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Quintana Roo (QR) is the world-pioneering tri-specific brand, offering an array of triathlon gear and bicycles. QR introduced the first tri-specific wetsuit in 1987, the first tri-specific bike in 1989, SHIFT technology in 2009, and the elite-aero PR6 superbike in 2014.




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