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Latest apparel trends on show at Eurobike 2014


From 27-30 August 2014, in Friedrichshafen, Germany, leading global bike trade show Eurobike will present the latest bikewear fashion and apparel trends set to be unleashed for summer 2015.

More than one in ten of the over 1280 exhibitors at the international bicycle trade exhibition are bringing new apparel products to the show. This year, above all, innovations related to safety and sustainability will be taking centre stage.

Eurobike notes that the bikewear industry is proving once again that it has not only mastered function and performance, but can also ‘produce casual styles and optical trends that are also well received outside the cycling scene.’

Scott aims to halt road rash
Recently unveiled apparel from Scott aims to offer up some protection for the rider who may suffer large abrasions from gravel and asphalt when crashing. Anyone who has experienced ‘road rash’ knows how painful and long lasting these injuries can be. Together with Schoeller, the bicycle equipment supplier Scott is introducing a new technology, ITP ProTec, which can help reduce such injuries in the future.

The new technology utilises tear-resistant carbon fibres in the fabric, to which abrasion-resistant ceramic prints are applied.

Gonso does it without PFCs
The bikewear producer Gonso is taking things a step further in its spring and summer 2015 collection, offering jackets that have not been impregnated with PFCs for the first time. Instead, the men’s jackets Gonso Uwe and Temo, as well as the women’s jackets Ulla and Agave, are impregnated with a polyurethane-based material.

This new method of impregnation is not only billed as being ecologically safe, but is also offers ‘unlimited weather resistance and is especially durable.’

Glowing with Sugoi
During the day, the items in the new Zap line from Canadian supplier Sugoi are indistinguishable from normal high-quality bike wear. But it’s at night that the waterproof jackets, gloves and overshoes make their grand appearance.

Thanks to its use of glass, Sugoi’s ‘pixel’ material is highly reflective. Whereas the pieces normally look either red, yellow, or black in daylight, in twilight or darkness even a weak light source is enough to transform them into glowing silhouettes.

Oooh, fashion!
A visitor magnet in terms of apparel trends will be the Eurobike Fashion Show in the East Foyer, which will ‘show what cyclists will be wearing next season three times a day.’

Eurobike will be open to trade visitors from Wednesday 27 August, to Friday 29 August, from 08:30 to 18:30 CET, and to the general public on Saturday 30 August from 09:00 to 18:00. Eurobike Demo Day will take place on Tuesday 26 August, from 10:00 to 17:00 and is only open to trade visitors and accredited journalists.




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