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Matthias Brändle takes on the hour record with SCOTT

Matthias Brändle, IAM Cycling team rider and SCOTT Bikes sponsored athlete, is the latest to attempt to break the hour world record. He will make the attempt on UCI’s World Cycling Center track in Aigle, Switzerland on Thursday 30 October.

From its first moments as a member of the professional peloton in January 2013, IAM Cycling has continually endeavoured to raise the bar. Spurred on by the recent success of Jens Voigt, IAM Cycling team member Matthias Brändle’s (25) is eager to tackle his own attempt at breaking the new UCI record of 51.115 kilometres, which Voigt set on 18 September at the velodrome in Grenchen, Switzerland.

On Thursday 30 October 2014, at 19:00 local time, Brändle will get into the saddle on the track at the World Cycling Center (CMC) in Aigle, the headquarters of the International Cycling Union (UCI). His sole objective will be to improve upon the current world record time of 51.115 kilometers travelled in one hour.



Brändle, who has been training with this goal in mind since the end of his road season at the Tour of Lombardy, is anticipating his date with the track with a mixture of eagerness and serenity. “I am 100% focused on this project, which is very close to my heart,” he said.

“I have decided to try my luck with the record-breaking effort partially because Jens Voigt has been a role model for me since my childhood. His personality and style mark him out as an exceptional man in my mind. He attacks, and then attacks again in any conditions, and fights to exhaustion, knowing that a win in the end remains a small prospect. That mindset has also become my trademark.” Brändle added.


Hour Record - Matthias Brandle bike


The SCOTT Plasma 5 that Brändle will be riding has been adjusted to accommodate UCI’s official track rules.

Cycling fans can also follow Matthias Brändle’s #hourrecord on the UCI YouTube channel tv.uci.ch.




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