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Measuring power, at a lower price point, new Watteam PowerBeat

After three years of ‘stealth R&D’, Watteam has unveiled its new and innovative bike power meter: the Watteam PowerBeat.

PowerBeat will first be showcased at the upcoming 2014 Interbike Show in Las Vegas. The product is targeted for commercial launch in spring 2015.

With prices starting at US$499, the Watteam PowerBeat is positioned as ‘a small, powerful and surprisingly low-cost add-on power meter that can be placed on every crank arm, whether aluminium or carbon.’ As PowerBeat allows cyclists to keep all of their original equipment, without having to replace their crank arm, wheel or pedals, the company notes that this provides convenience and advanced technology at a price that puts it within everyone’s reach.

“Just like the rest of the industry, we noticed that some key features in pro-level power meters were ready for change,” said Ofir Gal On, Watteam CEO & co-founder. “The main one was that serious cycling training requires power meters, and yet the devices themselves were too expensive. That left a huge number of coaches and cyclists frustrated, as they were not able to reach their full potential as athletes. PowerBeat has one main mission: to make the power meter a tool that every serious cyclist can own.”

Watteam, a California-based company whose R&D department is located in Israel, developed and finalized its technology after ‘ensuring it was on par with the market’s top power meter brands, in terms of accuracy and consistency.’ All the functionalities and qualities of a pro-level power meter were maintained by using proven technology along with a powerful new ‘twist’.

Eli David, Watteam COO and co-founder explains… “Our patented technology has allowed a breakthrough method for easily attaching the PowerBeat’s mechanical sensor to each crank arm, where it senses the rider’s pedal stroke up to the millisecond and records the direct and immediate torque applied. The sensor then feeds that data to our patented algorithm, located inside the comp unit, where it is translated into accurate power data.”



A notable feature of the lower priced PowerBeat is that it provides direct force measurements for each leg separately, enabling riders to know their exact state of fitness at all times. After data is collected from each leg, it’s transmitted via ANT+ & low power Bluetooth to the rider’s Smartphone or cycling computer.

Beyond creating a pro level power meter with ‘a price comparable to a heart rate monitor’, Watteam is now looking to spread its technology throughout various industry segments, by collaborations with developers, manufacturers and distributors of crank arms, sports apps, cycling accessories and professional bicycles who share their vision of advancing the world of cycling.

Founded in 2011, Watteam is led by experts in the fields of cycling, operations, software development and business. Together, their goal is to ‘develop cycling accessories that enable riders to train in the most advanced physiological way possible.’



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