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No zipper required: Rocket Science Sports launches Rocket Latitude wetsuit


Rocket Science Sports has confirmed the launch of its latest wetsuit, the Rocket Latitude.

“This wetsuit is a departure from every other suit on market not because of anything we’ve added,” said owner and Chief Designer Marcin Sochacki. “What is different is what it lacks: a zipper.”

The full length sleeveless wetsuit combines many of Rocket Science Sports’ past innovations such as Buoyancy Laminated Technology (BLTTM), which claims to add 40% more float, dimpled technology to reduce separation drag, and the ‘t-shirt neckline for superior comfort.’

“Getting into and out of these suits is a breeze because it eliminates all the fumbling with a zipper athletes hate,” said Sochacki. The Rocket Latitude is made from Yamamoto #40 neoprene for superior flexibility. The suits are available for pre-order by retailers now and will be rolling out in spring 2015.

Rocket Science Sports logo

With retail pricing of US$375, Rocket Science Sports notes that ‘several retailers have declared the Rocket Latitude a game changer.’

“Interest in these suits has been terrific with the retailers we previewed them with,” says Joey Trimyer, Head of US Sales for Rocket Science Sports. “We’ve had retailers telling us they are excited about the innovation in a market where they haven’t seen anything truly unique in some time.”




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