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Nuun Energy adds some clean, eco-friendly fizz to the market


Nuun, the sports nutrition operator and dissolvable tabs specialist has added a new line to its Nuun Active Hydration offering. According to the company, ‘in the current marketplace of oversaturated energy drinks laced with excessive amounts of sugar and caffeine’, Nuun has created a solution in the shape of Nuun Energy.

With a formula that balances hydration and sustains energy for optimal performance, Nuun Energy has a blend of ‘B vitamins for energy metabolism, caffeine for increased endurance output and cognition, and the same Optimal Electrolyte Blend as Nuun Active Hydration to keep you hydrated.’

Nuun Energy is staying true to its roots with an effervescent tablet that contains zero added sugars, under 12 calories and stored in the same popular, portable container. Nuun Energy’s mission is to redefine the energy drink market with a clean, eco-friendly alternative.

Nuun Energy is launching with three popular flavours adapted from Nuun Active Hydration – Wild Berry, Lemon Lime and Cherry Limeade. With moderate caffeine levels of 40mg per serving, Nuun Energy will provide sustained energy without the crash experienced from high caffeinated beverages.

Nuun notes that caffeine is a natural energy booster, and it has been linked to an increase of athletic performance. Studies have shown that a moderate intake of caffeine about one hour before activity can increase endurance performances. In addition, research has shown that caffeine intake during exercise increases both oxygen consumption and anaerobic power, while at the same time, decreasing heart rate.

Recent research cited by Nuun has confirmed that moderate caffeine levels do not cause any form of dehydration. ‘The optimal blend of electrolytes also ensure the body is adequately absorbing the water consumed.’

Nuun Energy also includes five essential B vitamins that helps convert food (carbohydrates & fats) into fuel (glucose). Riboflavin (vitamin B2), Niacin, Pyradoxine (vitamin B6), Cobalamin (vitamin B12) and Pantothenic Acid are all found in Nuun Energy and ‘added because they work on many levels in the body.’

On the main level, the B vitamins work with stored carbohydrates and lipids in the body for energy use. In addition, the B vitamins break down glycogen (stored fuel) and aid in red blood cell production, which helps deliver oxygen to exercising muscles.

“We have taken the popular formula of Nuun Active Hydration and elevated it with essential B vitamins and moderate caffeine levels for sustained energy levels,” said Kevin Rutherford, President and CEO of Nuun. “Our consumers are very active, and the energy boost offered in Nuun Energy takes their athletic performance to the next level.”

“Most energy drinks on the market have excessive amounts of sugar, caffeine and vitamins that hinder your performance instead of aid in it, said Vishal Patel, Head Nutritionist at Nuun. “We carefully formulated Nuun Energy to provide a continual boost of energy that will work with your body instead of against it. There is currently no other product on the market like Nuun Energy, and we are thrilled about this launch.”

Nuun and Company, based in Seattle, Washington, is a pioneer of electrolyte enhanced drink tablets ‘that turn water into an optimally balanced sports drink without the sugars and plastic waste of traditional sports drinks.’ Founded in 2001, Nuun is used by athletes and enthusiasts in running, cycling, triathlon, golf, outdoor and general fitness.

Ten years later, Nuun Active Hydration is the number 1 selling sports drink product (according to Leisure Trends marketplace data) in bike, run, outdoor specialty, and outdoor chain stores. Nuun is sold in over 5,000 outlets in the US and available in over 30 countries.




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