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Official launch of Surrey Human Performance Institute for Triathlon


Surrey Sports Park has officially launched the Surrey Human Performance Institute for Triathlon. Specifically targeting UK triathletes, from age groupers to elites alike, the launch took place at the Triathlon Plus Show at the Excel Arena in London, where the Surrey Human Performance Institute is the Official Training Partner.

The Surrey Human Performance Institute, located at Surrey Sports Park, offers health and performance assessments to a variety of clients. The testing facilities provide clients with the opportunity to learn about their health and optimise their training. During the Triathlon Plus Show in London over the course of the next three days over 200 people will be put through a 2 hour testing programme.

Mark Garfoot, Performance Sport Manager at Surrey Sports Park, said “We’re at the Triathlon Plus Show to offer testing services to a range of athletes who have booked through [Future Publishing’s] BikeRadar. We’re carrying out lactate threshold, body composition, strength and conditioning and nutritional assessments, all the pieces of the puzzle that make up the modern-day triathlete.”



Joe Wainwright, Surrey Human Performance Institute Manager, added “One of the biggest myths is that these tests are designed for elite athletes, in which they are, but they can also be applied to any athlete. We’ve got the triathlon radar zone which entails four performance assessments.

“These include body composition, cycling and sub maximal lactate test, running sub maximal test and a swimming lactate test as well. The test themselves will identify key performance indicators.”

Surrey Human Performance Institute will also be holding a weekend triathlon training camp for all levels, offering expertise, testing and advice on how to train smarter over the weekend of 5-6 April at Surrey Sports Park.

Surrey Sports Park is one of Europe’s premier sport, health, wellbeing and leisure centres, offering world class facilities and expert support to elite athletes as well as grassroots beginners.




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