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Powering up: Kinetic launches new inRide app


Kinetic, a leader in precision bicycle trainers, has launched its redeveloped Kinetic inRide app. When paired with a Kinetic fluid trainer, such as Kinetic’s Road Machine or Rock and Roll trainers, the app will ‘provide accurate indoor power training at a fraction of the cost of traditional power meters.’

“Our fluid trainers have an incredibly accurate power curve which allows for precise wattage readings,” explained Jason Overman, Kinetic’s North American Sales Manager. “The firmware in the sensor pod measures speed and cadence at the tyre and converts that data to wattage with a simple equation.

“Any rider using a Kinetic fluid trainer can train with power for a fraction of the cost of any other option.”

Kinetic hired a new team of developers to completely redesign the inRide app with an all new user interface and to bring it up to iOS 8 standards, which greatly improved stability.

A suite of new features include user-programmable displays that allow riders to create screens showing their favourite functions; built-in workouts including an FTP test; a workout creator that lets users program and save interval workouts; and an easy-to-follow app launch tutorial.

“Reliability and accuracy are essential for athletes, and the new inRide app is built to deliver great data for athletes and coaches to use,” said Jim Lehman, CTS Premier Coach and Kinetic Performance Director. “There’s even a built-in warm-up period and reliable calibration function at the start of your workout so today’s data can be accurately compared to yesterday’s and tomorrow’s.”

To focus on a trouble-free training experience Kinetic also beefed up its inRide customer support team by enlisting its development team to help troubleshoot customer’s technical issues.

Kinetic inRide, which is compatible with all Kinetic fluid trainers, debuted in 2012 as’ the world’s first Bluetooth Smart trainer-based watt meter system’. The Kinetic Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Strap wirelessly pairs with the free Kinetic inRide App, as well as any of over 50 popular fitness Apps, including Strava and MapMyRide, to measure heart rate.

inRide is compatible with the iPhone 4S, 5 series, iPad 3, 4, Mini, and the iPod Touch 5th generation. The new InRide app is free on the App Store.

MSRP for the ‘pod-only’ version of the Kinetic inRide Watt Meter is US$95. MSRP for the Kinetic Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap is US$75. A bundled retail price for the pod and strap is US$170.

Kinetic is a division of Kurt Manufacturing, a leading manufacturing company providing high quality precision engineered parts to the zero tolerance industries of aviation and automotive among others. Kinetic designs, manufactures and distributes the ‘world’s only leak-proof cycling trainers’.




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