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Reprieve saddle on Kickstarter – a breath of fresh air for cyclists


The Reprieve Saddle from 3 West Design is now live on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. The new saddle offers up a ‘seat design that alleviates soft tissue discomfort while cycling’, whether it be across the road, triathlon, mountain, track, spin or recreational bike categories.

The brand mission is: to launch a truly comfortable, performance oriented, bike seat – to benefit the cycling community.





The Patent Pending product…

  • Drops the mid-section of the saddle 3/4″ to naturally fit the outline of the human anatomy; the dropped area of the saddle is also shaped to further account for the perineum and soft tissue region.
  • Incorporates an imbedded ‘Active Surface’; this air filled bladder differentiates the Reprieve from any saddle on the market. It’s fully adjustable so each cyclist can find his/her comfortable level of cushion to ride. It allows a rider’s soft tissue to sit on a soft layer of air.
  • The bladder is a tough, RF welded, medical grade urethane with a solid Lara Valve. In testing, the team at 3 West Design note that they ‘didn’t have to add air to the bladder for months.’
  • Offers equal performance; as the sit bone area is like that of any other saddle, providing cushioned comfort with a shape that encourages free pedalling movement.
  • Provides a better shape, so the sensitive tissue area doesn’t touch anything until a rider’s sit bones are on the saddle. This is unlike traditional saddles where the perineum typically absorbs direct pressure from the bike seat throughout the ride.

The Reprieve Saddle

A wider women’s width is also on the drawing board, as the first of three future bike seats incorporating the proprietary Active Surface technology. Although, women currently riding a men’s width saddle will find every benefit from the latest version on Kickstarter.




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