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Stein Triathlon sets sail as part of Ocean Lava circuit

The Triathlon Limburg Foundation in the Netherlands has confirmed that its Stein Triathlon half distance event will join the new multi-country Ocean Lava triathlon circuit.

The Triathlon Limburg Foundation is gearing up for the Stein Triathlon on 21-22 June in Stein, Netherlands. Under the Ocean Lava umbrella brand, the Stein Triathlon will now enable athletes to qualify for Ocean Lava in Lanzarote, Spain, in November 2014.

Stein in the southeastern Netherlands is lining up alongside Fishguard in Wales as part of the Ocean Lava series – following a deal recently confirmed with Activity Wales, for a further ‘ocean going’ event for 2014. The company confirmed in January that the Wales Triathlon in Fishguard will also be the location of a newly-branded Ocean Lava Middle Distance Championship event.

Other Ocean Lava events are reportedly scheduled in Madrid, Gran Canaria and Denmark; with a potential of Hong Kong, Holland and the Ukraine being added to the Ocean Lava race list later in the year.

The new series of Ocean Lava middle distance races is being brought together by event organising stalwart Kenneth Gasque. Danish triathlon promoter Gasque, who is based in Lanzarote, Spain, has been involved in a wide array of events over the years. Gasque is the founder of Ocean Lava. His team at Kenneth Gasque Island Sports Events has also been instrumental in the success of Ironman Lanzarote over the years.

Going forwards, the Stein Triathlon’s Ocean Lava qualifier will be referred to as Ocean Lava Limburg Netherland.

This historic event is known for its ‘great organization, beauty, hilly, tough and magic bike course’. It has also been part of three UCI World Championships.

Kenneth Gasque said “I am always searching for inspiration from the world around me, and I am inspired by the team from Limburg and together we will write a new story, with the spirit from our triathlon heart. We welcome the adventurer triathlete to be part of our dream of today, Ocean Lava Limburg Netherland.”

Having initially got under way in 2010, the Ocean Lava Triathlon is certainly looking to scale up – forging strategic partnerships with events in Europe and beyond. Drawing on the organisational experience from the team behind Ironman Lanzarote and with support from the local government, town halls, police and the local community in Lanzarote – the Ocean Lava circuit aims to firmly put itself on the map this year.


Riding the lava fields in Lanzarote


Under the structure of Gasque’s race organising operation, Kenneth Gasque Island Sports Events, a single-age group classification at Ocean Lava is being pitched at Europe’s travelling band of triathletes. Rejecting the more common five year age group bands, Gasque has initiated a new system for age group rankings. This allocates winners for every competing age year (male and female); with all winners receiving an Age Group Champion Medal.

The warm climate in Lanzarote, tourism infrastructure and end-of-season timing are seen as a particular draw in the increasingly competitive tri event marketplace.




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