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Sundried Lifestyle brand reaches out to UK triathletes


South American lifestyle brand Sundried is bringing its lifestyle range of clothing to the UK, and will be specially targeting the triathlon market.

Sundried is designed for people who love the great outdoors. Founded on a beach in Peru, the brand is quickly building a global community and is now building a following in the United States, and as far out as New Zealand.

The team produce sunglasses, t-shirts, hoodies and various accessories; manufactured using the highest quality materials. The brand’s bright, innovative designs are eye catching and bold, aiming to be synonymous with the cool laid-back surfer lifestyle.

Kate McNeill from Sundried said “Sundried is all about life in the outdoors, and is designed for people that want to go out and get active. We want to reach out to triathletes, and become a lifestyle brand – the comfy kit and cool sunglasses that they wear between training sessions, and on rest days.”

Sundried is also looking to recruit a team of active ‘Sundried Brand Ambassadors’ – as a group to wear the brand and promote it within their triathlon social circles. The team are very excited about this particular aspect of the brand launch.

Kate added “Sundried is a grassroots brand, and communication for us is all about word of mouth. We would like to take on a number of Sundried Brand Ambassadors who we will kit up with our gear, and who will spread the word and promote the brand. We will be announcing further details about this project soon, so ‘watch this space’.”

And for those UK triathletes visiting the Triathlon Show at Sandown Park (28 February – 2 March), a Sundried postcard can be found in the show’s complementary goodie bag, offering an exclusive promotional code to pick up a limited edition, hand printed Sundried ‘triathlete’ hoodie.




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