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Tri Dynamic and Darren Smith Dsquad team up for age group tri camp in Morzine


UK based triathlon training specialist Tri Dynamic has teamed up once again with elite coach Darren Smith to offer another opportunity for age group triathletes to join him and his elite ‘Dsquad’ of pro triathletes.

Tri Dynamic has sent in its report from the Darren Smith Age Group Tri Camp in Morzine with the Dsquad. This was the second edition of this unique camp for age group athletes with Elite Coach Darren Smith. The camp took place in Morzine, a ‘tri training paradise’, nestling in the stunning French Alps.

Morzine is the European base for Darren Smith and his world class Dsquad, which includes elite triathletes such as Jodie Stimpson, Lisa Norden, Aileen Reid and his other world class athletes as they prepare for upcoming ITU World Triathlon Series races and the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Participants travelled from all over Europe and the US, keen to work closely with ‘Coach Daz’ and witness first-hand how he prepares his elites. The camp was an opportunity to learn how to take that next step up in performance by being coached by Darren Smith.

Participants stayed in luxurious 4* chalet accommodation at Tri4theAlps. A major highlight of the camp for the age groupers was the opportunity to meet and share training time with the Elite Dsquad athletes. They got to take part in key Dsquad sessions ahead of this weekend’s ITU World Triathlon Hamburg and the forthcoming Commonwealth Games – including an open water swim workshop at the stunning Lake Montriond as well as a bike handling session with Lisa Norden on a skate park plus key running sessions.

PowerBar also provided camp participants with nutrition products throughout the camp; this was much appreciated, especially on the bike ride which took in 2 x Tour de France Category 1 climbs! Huub wetsuits also provided Tri Dynamic camp participants with exclusive product support.

The camp was a real eye opener for the age group athletes to see how Darren Smith prepares his elites and how they can benefit from working with him. Each day included up to 4 sessions with Darren Smith plus the unique opportunity to watch him coach his world class athletes and see exactly how they live and train. They also learned how much attention to detail Darren Smith applies to his coaching and preparation for his athletes, which has helped him to develop the most successful squad in the world.

Participants benefited from individual coaching in all three tri disciplines plus interactive seminars to learn from his vast experience. They also had a clinic with Darren Smith’s rehab, strength and conditioning specialist Rick van Riemsdijk who took them through some of the exercises that the Dsquad do to stay in optimal health and remain ‘bulletproof’.

For those who missed out on the Morzine Camp, Tri Dynamic and Darren Smith have teamed up to provide an exclusive series of technique-focus video coaching guides – with Darren Smith teaching exactly how he coaches his elites and featuring Jodie Stimpson.

The video guides are positioned as a unique opportunity for age group athletes to learn from Darren and to make big improvements in their performance through improving their skills rather than volume of training.




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