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Udo’s Choice for Triathlon Ireland


Triathlon Ireland has today confirmed Udo’s Choice as official sponsor of the organisation’s expanding Coach Education Programme.

With membership of Triathlon Ireland up 15% in 2013, and this year membership already up more than 1000 people on the same time as last year, the organisation notes that the need for a world class coach education programme is evident. At an elite level, Ireland now has more triathletes than ever before vying for qualification for the Olympic Games in Rio, along with, for the first time ever, medal opportunities in paratriathlon at the Paralympic Games.

The talent amongst the younger ages is also burgeoning with 17 athletes on the Irish Youth and Junior Squad, up from 6 just a year ago.

With nutrition and recovery being a key ingredient in triathlon success, the partnership with Udo’s Choice is seen as good news for Irish triathletes at all levels as they can now tap into the knowledge and expertise of the rapidly growing County Wicklow based brand.

Commenting on the partnership, Triathlon Ireland CEO Chris Kitchen said “It is fantastic to partner up with a company such as Udo’s Choice. Their sponsorship of the Triathlon Ireland Coaching Programme will not only enable us to drive this hugely important area forward but also is a great fit for the organisation with products that can be of real benefit to training.

“Coaching is a foundation to the development of triathlon and we look forward to a close working relationship with Udo’s Choice to help us develop and strengthen Triathlon in Ireland.”

Udo’s Choice is part of a family of brands from Naturalife Health, which also includes Cleanmarine Krill Oil and One Nutrition, all of which will be utilised by Triathlon Ireland as part of the sponsorship.

Announcing the sponsorship Naturalife Health Director Darragh Hammond said “Triathlon Ireland and Udo’s Choice is an ideal partnership as the interest in endurance sports has quickly grown over the last number of years, particularly with those now keen to take part in triathlons.

“This is the perfect example of our focus on fuelling athletes and improving performance as triathletes are very aware of the nutritional requirements needed to compete at this level. Being a cyclist myself I know first-hand how closely nutrition is tied to performance.”

Over the course of the year Udo’s Choice will be teaming up with Triathlon Ireland at coach education courses and triathlon events around the country as well as providing a wealth of nutritional advice and tips on the Triathlon Ireland website and monthly newsletter.

Based in County Wicklow, Naturalife Health is a leading supplier of health food supplements in Ireland. Supplying over 90% of health stores and pharmacies in Ireland, its brands include Udo’s Choice, Cleanmarine Krill Oil and One Nutrition.

Udo’s Choice offers up a certified organic blend of unrefined seed oils. Udo’s Oil is positioned as a vital source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and a perfected blend of flax, sesame and sunflower seed oils as well as oils from evening primrose rice germ, oat germ and coconut.

Triathlon Ireland is the National Governing Body for the sport of triathlon, aquathlon, duathlon and related multisports in Ireland. It is among the fastest growing sports in the country with a 120% increase in membership since 2009. Ireland also boasts one of the highest rates of triathlon participation per capita worldwide.




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