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Vector450 sponsored triathletes poach podium places in 2014


IGY Immune Technologies & Life Sciences is celebrating the conclusion of the 2014 IRONMAN racing season for pro triathletes using the company’s Vector450 sports nutrition supplement.

In the spring of 2013, IGY Life Sciences USA entered the triathlon world with one sponsored athlete: 11 time Kona age grouper, Patrick Schuster, who had just received his pro?card. The sponsorship included the use of Vector450, a recovery protein that works by providing support to the athlete’s overstressed immune system.

The company notes that, within a year, word had spread among pro triathletes and the Vector450 sponsored team grew to 12 members. By November 2014, the company noted that its 12 sponsored pro athletes were ‘feeling the difference and benefits of using Vector450 and were able to complete 130 races, with 55 top ten finishes, 8 wins and 21 top 3 slots.’

The group also accounted for 8 course and run records at pro division races across events owned by operators such as Life Time Fitness, Rev3, Challenge Family and IRONMAN/WTC.

With a diverse group of athletes, these results were not expected. Vector450 sponsored pros range from the seasoned to rookie triathletes, some of whom did their first long course race this season (over the 140.6 mile distance).

Citing feedback from the triathletes, IGY Life Sciences notes that the results were made possible by the ‘incredible recovery that is provided by Vector450.’

Highlights included five top?ten finishes at IRONMAN Wisconsin; a 3rd win for Chris McDonald at IRONMAN Louisville, and a first IRONMAN win for Matt Hanson at IM Chattanooga.

Matt Hanson had an amazing season with four full IRONMAN races, placing not lower than top 7, and he set the course record in Chattanooga with a time of 8:12:32.

“As a professor of exercise science, I understand how a strenuous event like an IRONMAN will compromise one’s immune system. To be able to race 4 IRONMAN’s in 6 months without any trace of illness is remarkable,” said Hanson.

At age 41, Richie Cunningham is senior statesmen of the Vector450 group. “I owe a lot of it to Vector450,” Cunningham said. “It made me feel like I was 31 again.”

Cunningham hit the podium four times and won two 70.3 distant events.

For pro?triathlete, coach and owner of Team BSR (Big Sexy Racing), Chris McDonald said “The key to improvement as an athlete is consistency and the key to consistency is health! Vector450 is my key to keeping my immune system healthy and keeping me in the pool and on the road.”

BSR has over 80 elite athletes, and 800 team members. Chris not only runs the team; he also specializes in long course events over the 140.6 distance.

IGY Life Sciences points to the premier IRONMAN event –the annual IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, where no American has stepped onto the podium since 2009. This year Ben Hoffman changed that with his impressive second place showing, coming out of nowhere to surprise the world with his hard charging run.

“Vector450 is my secret weapon!” said Hoffman.

Vector450 continues to gain momentum and build awareness – with athletes opting for the brand to enhance both recovery times and overall performance. According to IGY Life Sciences, Vector450 rebalances athletes’ overworked immune systems with its Muno?IgY based formula.

Vector450 with Muno?IGY is a branded product of IGY Life Sciences and Immune Technologies based in Thunder Bay, Canada, and is ‘the only Health Canada approved Natural Health Product that contains Muno?IgY, a naturally extracted and purified IgY protein from hen egg yolks.’

IGY Life Sciences notes that Muno?IgY works safely and effectively at the gut level to balance the immune system and functions to improve its efficiency, which is often over stressed in competitive athletes. Vector450 is all?natural and a non?stimulant. It does not contain any gluten, dairy or sugar.

IGY Life Sciences USA is the sales and distribution subsidiary of IGY Life Sciences & Immune Technologies Inc. Brands currently include Vector450.com and soon to be released, IGYIMMUNE. IGY
Life Sciences USA is located in Fort Worth Texas.

IGY Life Sciences is a privately held biosciences company specializing in the extraction, development and commercialization of broad spectrum antibodies, or immunoglobulin (IgY), for use as OTC nutraceutical and for development of antibodies for targeted pathogens. The company was formed in 2009 to commercialize a proprietary process for extraction of avian immunoglobulin from chicken egg yolks.




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